<County: Yorkshire North Riding>
<Code: L1171>
<MS reference: Durham, Durham County Record Office, D/St/D1/2/16>
<Text: Attestation>

To all [maner] of m<ill><a crease, end of the word></ill> vn-to qwose Jnspeccion~ yis present writyng~ sall aper~ perfitely
be it knawne yat we Richarde Allwent Gentilman of Morton John Bery
off Forsett yoman Thomas lecch of Richmonde John Pereson of Romaldkirke &
odyr diuerse reportes & recordis for in-as-mych as it is medefull & meretor~
<ill><a crease, c. 4 words></ill>man to be<ill><a hole; probably re></ill> wittiness of ye trwthe yat to men dowttyng~
opynly it may be knawne / yat is to say yat ser John Eppilby
late Parson of Romaldekr of qwose saule god haue mercy yat he ye forsaid
saide John Eppilby deliuered neuer stade on~-to no man of ye landes of
henry hedlemes in stanto in ye Cragges nor no maner of writyn yer-on~ to ser
willam of Bewhes nor to no noyer man~ as he walde answer to for
god bothe in yis wardlde and in ye toyer warlde And yis we afore
wretyn herde hym say with is tong~ &c~ And to yis writyng we
sett to oure selles