<County: Yorkshire North Riding>
<Code: L1172>
<MS reference: Durham, Durham County Record Office, D/St/D1/2/17>
<Text: Memorandum>

Medem that herr~ horn~ of lirtyngton somtym seruant to [ser] John~ Eppylby late parson of Rumbald-kyrke r~cordes & witnesses
& says that ser willam Dowes the Elder gransir~ to ser Raufe Dowes that now is desired & prayd the said
parson to come to Sadbargh on the hyll to the Session~ to testifie & witnes befor Sir~ Thomas Fulthropp
justice . enenc~ A Feoffament & A State As the said ser willam Affirmed was made . by one henr~ hedlam
& hys Attornay jac Godwyn of Certan~ landes & lyflode of hys lying i@ Standton Qwer-in the
said henr~ & jac godwyn~ hes Attornay schulde haue infeofte the said parson & Sir~ Thomas Sour~ale prest
to the be-hove of Elisabeth hedlam the said henr~ wyfe for terme of hyr lyff &c~ And qwen ye said
parson was examined of ye said juge tochyng the said Feoffament qweder he knew yer-of or nay he
Answered & said he spake not wt the said henr~ nor 3it wt the said jac Godwyn~ yerof at no tyme . bot
in As mekyll As the said thomas Sourale sent hym worde for to comen ouer to Staynton to take Seyssyng
in the said lyflode in hes name . Then the said juge Asked hym if yei two at that tyme toke
lawfull A-state in the said lyflode And the parson said 3a forsoth No3thwtstandyng qwen the said juge
hade demand & put to hym mony questiones yerin . the said juge fande it was vnlawfully taken wtoutt
any Attornay made from~ or by the said henr~ Qwervppon the said juge gafe<?> the said parson A foulle
r~bute & bad hym that from thensfurth he schulde not come to ber~ no such witnese . lese he walde
lose the gode name that he hade be forgotten . And yus the parson departed from~ the juge Aschamed
of the gret r~bote that he hade token~ . And said to hys seruant Abouesaid rydyng hamewarde
yt he wald noth haue com yer yt day for xx li .