<County: Yorkshire North Riding>
<Code: 1211>
<MS reference: Northallerton, North Yorkshire County Record Office, ZDS I 1/56>
<Text: Power of attorney>

Till all yas yat yir presentes letres sall see or here . John~ de Neuyll Lord latymer and of Danby sendys gretynge in god . Knawe 3e me enterly
desirand ye gude gouernance . safe and reste of my Ministers tenant3 and sugett3 . and that my maners landes and tenement3 be vphaldenn & sustened in gude
and couenable estate efter my power~ . and yt nan oppression~ wrange no harme be+done agayne right and reson~ to my forsaide Ministers tenant3 or
sugett3 in any partie with-in my lordschippes with-in 3orkeschire ; and hertely traistand in ye grete lewetee and gode discrecion~ of my dere &
traisty frende George of Etton@ . for till haue ordayned and deputed ye forsaide George Gouernour~ and ouersear~ of my Ministers and tenant3
and sugett3 abouensaide . and yat my maners landys and tenement3 be vphalden and sustened resonably be my fermers Ministers and tenant3
in gode and sufficeant estate as it is abouensaide . Willand ouer and giffand full power by yir letres to ye forsaide George for to ouersee
all my Ministers fermers and tenant3 with-in my forsaide lordschippes . yat yai do right and reison~ till ilk+man@ compleynant and that in
defaute of yaim ye forsaide George tham gere do right and reson~ . and ouer yat for to compelle resonably all my fermers and tenant3
with-in my forsaide lordschippes at ilka+tyme yat nede be to mayntene and vphalde my maners landes and tenement3 abouensaide in
gode and sufficeant estate worshipe and profit of me . Comandand be yis letres my fermers Ministers and tenant3 with-in my forsaid
lordschippes yat yai be obeisant or bowand and entendant to ye forsaide George in ye thynges abouensaide . and in all other~ that may turne
to worshippe and profit of me and in amendement or saluacion~ of my lordschipe abouensaide . Hauand stedefaste and estable yat
at the forsaide George sall do to ye worschip~ and to ye profit of me in ye thynges abouensaide . Jn witnes of ye whilk thynges to yir
letres J haue set my seall for to laste vn-to ye forsaide Georg descharged to lefe be my-n+awn body Wretyn at Synelyngton@ ye . viij .
day of May<ill><smudge></ill> Jn ye 3ere of our~ lige lord ye kyng . henry fowrte eftir ye conquest of Jngland Fifte