<County: Yorkshire North Riding>
<Code: L1212>
<MS reference: Northallerton, North Yorkshire County Record Office, ZDS I 2/1 >
<Text: Agreement for re-enfeoffment>

This indenture tripartid Wyttenes þat whare : Edmond Darell of
Ces3ay . Sqwyer has enfeffed William Darell of Wyltshire . George of Etton~ William Wyllestorp Sqwyer henr~<?> Wyllesthorp Clerk <ill><smudge></ill>
Darell of Mowegreve . and Robert Crosse Sqwyers . in his maners of Ces3ay Eldmere Dalton~ Thorkelby and Breddesworth wyth all þare appurtenances And in all his odyr landes tenementes rentes and
seruic3 wyth all yer appurtenances ; Whilk þat he has in þe towens of Crakhall heton~ Middilton~ Catton~ opon~ : swale and Thornton~ on þe More be-syde Allerton~ and in all odyr places in þe Counte of
york . And more-ouere in all his landes and tenement3 Whilk þat he hase in þe Cite and Subarbes of york Neuer-þe-lesse it is my will þat þe said feffes sall reinfeffe me þe said Edmond at
what tym~ as J require þayme . in all þe forsaid Maners landes tenementes rent3 and seruices . Wyth all þer appurtenances or of parcell of þayme . of slyk astate als J require þayme of . And yf J dye to-fore
þe refeffement to me be made þan~ J wyll þat þe forsaid infeffes . sall infeff Jsabell my . wyff . for terme of here lyve . in ye forsaid Maners landes tenement3 rentes and seruices wyth all þer appurtenanc3
in york and yorkshyre . The Maner <ill><smudge></ill> Ces3ay and Broddesworth wyth þare appurtenanc3 and þe landes and tenement3 in heton~ wyth all þer appurtenanc3 only except ; Also J will þat þe saide .
infeffes of þe said Maneres of Ces3ay and Breddesworth and all þe landes and tenement3 in heton~ wyth all þer appurtenances and of reuersion~ sall trewly pay my dettes and Marye and help~ my Childer
and meke a-gree fo3 my trespases to all þo þat J haue trespased to and do for my saule be þare dyscrecions And þen~ all þis fulfilled J will þat þe said feffes sall enfeffe þe next heyer~ of ˆ [me] Who es .
euer itt happyn~ to be in all þe forsaid Maners . landes tenement3 rent3 and seruic3 Wyth all þer appourtenanc3 And also J will þat þe forsaid feffes sall pay to Jonet þe wyfe of sir William Craweford
duryng þe tyme . þat þe forsaid Maneres landes tenement3 er in þer handes and for terme of here lyve . at vsuell termes be even~ porcions fyfty marc3 eftyr þe purport of a graunt þer-of to here made Jn-to wyttenes
of wh<ill><smudge, ?ilk></ill> thynge J ye . forsaid Edmond vnto þe parties of þis indenture . tripartid hase sett to my seale These wyttenes . John@ of Etton@ Richard Pykeryng knyght3 laurens Saxby Walter <ill><smudge, lalme: calverley></ill>
Thomas Willesthorp~ and odyr~ . Made þe . xiiij day of Maij Jn ye neynte yere of kyng henr~ þe sext