<County: Shropshire>
<Code: L0435>
<MS reference: London, Public Record Office C 1/12/204>
<Text: Petition>

To the rygh<ill><1 char></ill> worshypfull lord Bysshop
Off Bathe Chaunceller of Engeland

Humbely bisechyth yov your~ pore Oratour~ Roger Jankys brodyr And heyr vn-to Thomas Jankys for as myche as byfore oon@
Thomas Frenshe on@ of the Coroners of Shorpshyre by vertue of hy<ill><a hole; 2 partial words></ill>yce vppon@ the Syght of the body of the said Thomas
Jankys felonously murdryd And kyllyd hyt was founde by the v<?>yt of xij men@ At Stanlowe the Moneday next
After lawe Soneday That on@ william Kynarton@ of Oldyngton@ of the Shyre of Stafford sone of John~ kynarton@ of
Oldyngton@ in the said Counte of Stafford housbandman@ felonously murdryd And kyllyd the said Thomas Jankys
vppon@ <add>the</add><on erasure> Moneday nexte byfore the fest of Seynt George the ix yer~ of kynge harry the Syxte At Stanlowe
with A Staf price of An halpeny And Johnn <ill></ill> Stanlowe of Stanlowe in the said Shyr~ of Shorpshyr~ housbondman@
procryd And Abbettyd the said william kynarton@ to do the said felonye As hyt apperyth by the examynacon@ had byfor
yov Jn the kynges Chauncere by v persons of the said xij men@ the wheche v . men~ cam by-fore yov by vertu
of wryttys of Suppena Ther hath the said Thomas Frenshe Certyfyod vp bifore the kyng~ by vertu of a Certyorary<edge>
vnto hym dyrecte That on~ william kynerton@ of warwykshyre sholde felonously haue kyllyd And murdryd the said
Thomas Jankys . And that on~ Rychard withyngton@ of warwykshyre sholde procre the said william Kynverton@ to do the
said felonye . where-by the kyng~ ys dyssevid And your~ said bisecher may nought haue hys Appell Jn thys Cas as
the lawe requyryth accordyng~ to the said trewe<?> endytemet Pleasyth hyt vn-to yovr~ gode grace to consydre
thesse premysse3 And to graunte a+wrytte direct<ill><c. 1 char></ill> vn-to the said Thomas Frenshe to Apper~ byfore our~ soueraygn@ lord
the kyng~ Jn hys Chaumcere<sic> At a certayn@ day And vppon@ A certayn@ payn@ by yov to ben~ lymytyd Thys for the
loue of god And Jn waye of Charyte