<County: Somerset>
<Code: L5171b>
<MS reference: Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ashmole 189>
<Text: Prognostics, terms of association>

<fol. 210r>Thursday
And crystmas day onn thursday be
A wondyr wynter shall we see
Of wondyrs and of wethyrs whike
And hard tempest tronge and thyke
The somer shall be goode and drye
Corne and bestys shall multyplye
That yere is goode londe to tylle
Kynges & prynces shall dey be skylle
what shyld that day borne be
he shall haue happe welle to the
Of dedys he shall be goode & stabille
Of speche wyse & of tonge resonabille
who so þt day beste be a-bowte
he shall be shent wt-owten dowte
And yf sykenesse þt day be-fylle
hyt shall nott long wt þe dwelle
And crystmas day on fryday be
The furst of wynter shall hard be
wt frost snow and wt fold
But þe lattyr ende shall be goode
The soner fayer & goode also
Old folke schall haue grete who
women & childrynn bestys & cornn
Shuld multyplye and nonn be for-lornn
The child þt is borne þt day
Shall lyffe longe lecherus lay
who so stelys owght he shall be fownde
Ift þu be seke yt lastys not longe
<fol. 210v>And christmas day onn saturday falle
That wynter may we dreden alle
hyt shall be soo full of tempest
hyt shall grewe boþe mann & best
Frutys and corne shall faylle grette
And olde folke dye many j you hete
what woman þt day childe travelle
They shall be boþe in grette parelle
And what chylde be bornn þt day
wt-in halfe age shall dye perfay
The somer shall be wette & ylle
If þu owght stele hyt wylle þe spylle
That day if þu take sekenesse
Now haue ye hard boþe more & lasse
Destenyng of many dyvers materys
Of chyldys byrthe & tynyng of yerys
And mekylle of mannys desteny
Alle to-gedyr sothe fynde shall ye
And namely þis mater j-wis
That by þe byrthe of cryste prevyd ys
For yf w<1 char>e fynde hyt nott in þys londe alle
In other londys yt may be-falle
And thorow þis world j vndyrstonde
Sumwhatte may falle in euery londe
<fol. 211r>An Hare in hys forme
Is sholdryng or lenyng
A downe sittethe
An herte is her herbored
A knyght is herbored
a Bucke is logged
a Squier is logged
a Roo is bedded
a yoman is bedded
If an herte stande
he stalkethe
If a Bucke stande
he herkenythe
If a Roo stonde
he ferech
a Dere broken
a Goos reryd
a Swann lyste
a Capoun sawsyd
a hen spoyled
a Shekyn frusshed
a Malard vnbrased
a Cony vnlaced
a Pecok dysfuguryd
a heron dysmembryd
a Crane dysplayd
a Curlˆ<add>e</add>w vnyoynted
a Bittore vntached