<County: Yorkshire West Riding>
<Code: L1033>
<MS reference: Halifax, Calderdale Borough Archives, SH: 1/SH/1477>
<Text: Affidavit>

To all true Crystenn People <ill><c. 4 words></ill> this present wryttinge shall see or her~ wee sende grettyng in oure lorde
euerlastynges Jn als+moche os itt is merytorye and Medefull for euery true Crysten~ Man@ will disposeth for+to certyfie & recorde
the truthe in euery mater and specialye in suche materes As may by possibilite grove vnto a grett inconvenientt yff thay be con
tynnede ouer+lange wee Therr~for Thomas Lascy esquier~ John~ Sayvell genttilman@ William Wylkynson@ the son~ of Robert
Wilkynsonn John~ Wylbe yoman@ John~ littister sen~ yoman~ william Daightty yoman@ John littester Juni~ yoman~ John~
Barstowe off Brounysehirste yoman~ John~ Barstowe of halyfax drapour Thomas littester the son~ of John@ littester Robert
Barstowe of halyfax draproure . Berynges wittines And Certifiynge vnto youre worshipfull Audiaunce Thatt where
os a Rumour and A grounthynge hathe been@ hade Emonge diuerse People of this sayd parachyn@ of halyfax that ther~
sulde haue been@ oone Charter of the landes of william Otes in Shippedeyn@ by the strenghtt of whiche Chartter
all the landes off william Ottes in Shippedeyn@ suld haue standeth in taiall all made by the Antecessours of william
Ottes Aforsaide the whiche Charter hathe beenn soo laborethe As itt is gyffen@ into the kepynge of true honeste
and credeable Men@ and A copye of the same hathe been~ shewethe vnto hus for writtyn@ for to bee vnderstandethe
by oure discrecciouns & A-vise whedder~ hitt wer~ true lawfull or hitt wer~ falsely forgyd by some curseth & vnhappy
Creators Jn the whiche Chartter wee fynde that the forsaide landes Ar taileth vnto oone Thomas Ottis yett levynge
for fawte of here3 lawfullye commyng~ of other~ persons contenyd in the Chartter wharfore wee haue laborethe the forsaid
Thomas ˆ [otes] to com~ afor hus afor writtyn@ the xvijtt daie of Apriell the xvij yer~ of the Reigne of kynge Edwarde the furthe
and yer the forsayd Thomas Ottes straittely was examonnid of his Aige by diuers Menys & Sworne<?> vpon@ the holy ˆ [dem?] <exp><1 word></exp>
& vpon@ the sam~ he hathe vttur his age afor hus byfor writtyn@ thatt is to say yat hee shal+be of age lyv yer~ att
whittesondaye nextt commyng~ the Chartter specyfiynge hitt selfe for to be made At the fest of Petur and Paule xj yer~ of
reigne of kynge henr~ the Furthe Jn so+muche As wee aforwrittyn@ Thomas lascy John~ Saivell william John~ John~
William John~ John~ Thomas And Robert vnderstandynge by oure3 discreccouns by the dat~ of this chartter & the Age of the forsaid
Thomas Ottes euery yer~ halfe yer~ quarter of yer~ Monethe Forutenyghtt or sennyghtt~ of the Reigne of euery kyng~ Reignynge
vpon@ hus sithen@ thatt tym~ lelly And truely A-Countethe that hit wase ful sely& wikkydly forged agaynes the lawe
the date of Chartter beynge off the Age of ij yer~ & more Afor the forsaide Thomas Ottes was borounde of his Mother~ into
this warld for the whiche Ar~ inpossible to stand to-gedire the saide Thomas Ottes & wee aforwryttyn@ mervellynge grettely
that ther~ suld be soo Curseth A creattour or creaturis in this warld that suche false Evidenns forgys or makythe to be forgyed
for any s<?>ngular avayll of this trannsitorye lyve considerynge the vtter mysch<?>fe & confusioune of the saules iffe thay
Dysherthe Any erthely Creatour off Any Peneuorthe of lyvelott mekyll more or <ill><1 word in crease></ill> iff thay disseherth Any creatour of Any
grett substans of lyvyng the whiche by Manys reson@ wtoute the meruellous wyrkynge of the power~ of gode wer~ inpossible
for yam~ to reforme vnto the ryght Jnheritour Agayn@ iff thaye wold spend th<ill><1-2 chars in crease></ill>r bodys & ther~ goodys yer Apon@ to the vtterrest
yerfor wee Aboven wryttyn@ Exerttes euery Man~ or woman@ hauevyng~ petye & m<?>nde of his Awne salwlle Jn exchueynge
of All myscheffe3 & inconuenientes yt may be possibilite happyn@ by suche A cursed & vnhappy Creatour or Creature3 that suche
Euidenns~ forgys or causethe to be forgyed to gyve no credenns~ in suche <ill><beginning of word></ill>foun<?> Euidens wtoute A lawfull prove Apone
the same Jnto the wittynes heroff wee Afor wrettyn@ Thomas lascy John~ Sayvell william wilkynson@ John~ wylby John
littester son~ william <gap> dughty John~ littester John~ Barstowe & John~ Barstowe Thomas littester And Robert B<ill><end of word not visible, ?arstowe></ill>
to this oure presentt destimoniall <ill><1 word></ill> hathe sette our~ Seallys writtyn@ Att <ill><2 letters in crease></ill>lyfax