<County: Yorkshire West Riding>
<Code: L1228>
<MS reference: Northallerton, North Yorkshire County Record Office, ZFL 59>
<Text: Award>

This indenture beris wittenes that sir John Colvyle dyed seisyd of certayns Maners landes tenment3 rent3 and seruis wyth thare Appurtenanc3 in ye Counte3
of york and Northumberland That is to sey of ye maner3 of heslerton@ Lutton~ Thymelby West Rowngton Aplecliff wyth ye towne of Jngylby Dale in
Blakamore Sygeston@ wt ye Appurtenance in ye county of yorke And ye Maner3 of Bodyll & Spyndelstone in ye counte of Northumberland Eftyr whose dede <ill><1 word></ill>
sayd3 Maner3 lande3 tenant3 rent3 and seruices wyth ye Appourtenanc3 dissendyd to Jsabell and Jonet sisters and heirs to ye sayd Sir John@ The particion@ of ye sayd3
Maner3 lande3 tenement3 rent3 and seruices wt thare Appourtenance be Assent and grement of Willam Fencot3 & ye sayd Jsabell his wyfe tone of ye hers of ye
sayd sir . John And of Willam Maulenewr~ Chr~<?> & Jonet his wyfe tother of yo here of ye seyd sir John is put in Award and ordenance & Jugement of John@
Thwaytes and Robert Maulenerer~ als it apperes be ane obligacion@ that ye sayd Willam Fencotes is bondon~ in-to the sayd sir Willam@ Maulenerere
in C. marces . beryng date xx . day of Decembre the 3here of kyng henry ye vjte efter ye conquest ye xviij And in sembleable wyse ye sayd sir
Willam is bondon@ by his obligacion@ to ye sayd Willam Fencote3 in C marces beryng date beforsayd The seyde3 John Thwytes & Robert is Agreyd
ordaunce3 and Awarde3 be Assent of ye parties beforsayd & as it apperis be Jndenture made by the sayd parties the particion~ to be hade Jn ye fourme
suyng That is to knowe to all maner of people that ye sayd Willam Fencote3 & Jsabell his wyfe sall hafe & holde ye manere3 of heslerton@
and lutton@ Ye Manere3 of Thymelby & west Rowngton@ wyth thare Appurtenance to ye sayde3 Willam Fencote3 & Jsabell and to ye hers of hir
body begettyn@ And ye sayd sir Willam Maulenerer~ & Jonet his wyfe sall hafe & holde ye manere3 of Apleclyff wyth ye towne of Jngilby
ye manere of Dale towne in Blakamoure the manere of Sygeston@ wyth yare Appourtenance in ye conte of yorke and ye Manere3 of Bodyll &
Spyndelstone wyth ye Appourtenance in ye counte of Northumberland to ye sayde sir Willam <ill><1 word></ill> & Jonet & to ye hers of hir body be3etyn
And in fulfillyng of this Awarde trewly to be berryd the sayde3 John & Robert awarde3 ordinance3 & deme3 that the sayd sir Willam sall
sewe & writt <lat></lat> at ye coste3 of ye sayde3 parties And this sayd particion~ to be made be the form of the sayd writt lyke
als ye lawe will the next terme eftyr ye date of this Awarde3 And to ye wittenes of these indentures the sayde3 John@ & Robert hase
seuerally sette to yer seales Wrytyn@ at Ripon@ ye iiijte day of May the 3here of kyng henry sext efter conquest xviij