<County: Yorkshire West Riding>
<Code: L1248>
<MS reference: Leeds, Yorkshire Archaeological Society, BEA/C3/B31/74>
<Text: Letter>

Ryght welbelufyd cosyn~ wakfeld J recommend me vn-to yow in my most hertely
maner And to my best be-lufyd swetyng J recommend me os hertely os J cane wt hert
thynk or mouthe speke beyng glad yt 3e ar furth of yowr besynys so well letyng
yow wnderstond at J was in gud helth at ye makyng of yis letter lo<ill><2 letters></ill>yd be jhesu qwo
perserruf yow frome All ille letyng [yow] wyt that what newys ar in ye court for ther [ar] com
thythynges to ye kyng from ye see yt owr ynglych shypys & ye franch shypys
met on ye see And ther wer xvij franch shypes And bot xiij ynglych shypys
& ther wer gret feythyng betwex them And ther wer the regyon shyp And in
of yngland And in it ser Thomas kneffet qwyt hym manfull And set Apon
ye gret shyp of franch And bordyd wt it on ye on syd And A shyp manyd James
hull on yt other syd And ther-in wer Antony vtyreg qwych gat hym gret prese
And yay too shypes wan yt gret shepe of franch so And sank it And ser thomas
knefeet slow ye capten of ye [shyp] hand to hand And Rauf ellekake is sleyne
And Antony vtyrege is sor howrt And ye franch shypes ar+fled saf yt on
And ser edward haworth & other went in ye chas After yaym & ther [con no] man tel
3yt how yay doo bot 3e shal konw forth or After And my mayster has sped
All hys maters wel And [at] hys on mynd louuyd be
god And he thynkes to be at hom thys next
wek And not to fayl for al hys [maters] ar well sped
os 3e shal know or After And j pray yow recommend
me to Al my frendes os [my] trust is in yow wryttyn
At fre fernam on thursday [after] sant bartelmew day
No mor at thys tym j bot jhesu~ kep yow wrytyn
in hast By yowr frend John popelay