<County: Yorkshire West Riding>
<Code: L1349>
<MS reference: Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, Bradfer-Lawrence 7>
<Text: Mandeville's Travels>

<Tranche 1>

<fol. 16r><line 6> And who so wille ga to ye land of babilone
; wher ye sawtene duelles to

haue leue to ga ye mar sykerle yoro ye contrees
; and for to ga to mounte Synay be-for
he come to jerusalem . and yan turne a-gayne to
jerusalem he sall ga fra gasa to ye cas<t>elle dayre
and aftur men comes oute of s<?>rry & gas
in-to wildernese . wher ye way is fule sandy
and yatt wildernese lastes . viij iournese whar
men fyndes alle att yam neddyse of vitayles
; and men calles yat wildernese of achelleke
; & when a man comes out of desertte
he entres in-to Egipte canapote ; & in a-noyer
langage men calles itt Mercyne ; and ye firste
goode toune yt men fyndes is called beley
and itt is of ye kyngdome of alape ; And
<fol. 16v>fro yennes men comes to babilone . and yer is a fayr
kyrke of our ladye . wher scho duellyde . vij 3eer
when scho wentte . when scho went oute of lande
of Jnde ; For drede of kynge heroude ; and yar
lygges ye body of saynte barbare . and yer duellyde
on iosephe when he was saulde of his bredyr ; &
yar made Nabogodonoser thre childre be brentte
er yai wer in ry3te trouthe . whilke childer men
calles ; Ananyˆ[a] ; a3aryˆ[a] ; Misael ; as ye psalme of benedicite
telles ; Bott nabogodonoser callede yame
yus ; Sidrake Misaake abdenego . yat is to say . gude
glorius gode . vittorius gode . our alle kyngdome
and yatt was for ye grett myracle yatt he
sawe gode ga . yoro ye fyer wt yes childer ;
yar duelles ye . souden . For yar is a fayr see
in a Castelle . and itt is strange . & well sette
on a roche Jn yatt Castell . is duellynge to kepe
yatt Castelle & to serife ye sowdane ; mo yane
viij thosande persones of folke ; yatt takes alle
ye nessessaries of ye contre . of ye soudane
J awghte well to witte ; For J duellede wt hym
<fol. 17r>in his werres soudeour a grett whille . a-gayne
ye bedoynes ; and he walde haue weddyde me
to a grett prynce dou3ter ryghte Richelye ; and
J walde haue for-saken my trouthe ; and ye sowdanne
is a lorde of . v . kyngdomes . whilke wer
gitten & conquerde be strenthe . & yes er ye names
. Canapot yatt is Egipte ye kyngdome of
Jerusalem ; whar dauid and Salamon wer kynges
ye kyngedom . of Surry of whilke ye citee
of damase was chefe . ye+kyngdom of auayle in
ye lande of damey . and ye kyngdome of arabi
; yatt was on of ye kynges yatt made offerynge
to our tor lorde ; and many oyer landes
he haldes in his hande And also he haldes Calaphes
and yat is a grett thynge to yam itt is to
say a-mange yame ; Royes Jles . and yis vaile is
full Calde ; and men gas to ye mounte of saynt
katerin and yat is mykill hier yane ye mounte
of moyses ; and yer . whar saynt kateren was grawyne
is noyer kirke nor chapell . nor na duellynge
place bott yar is a hille of stannes gyddryde
<fol. 17v>gydderde to-gider a-boute ye place yat was gidrede
wt aungels ; yar was wonte to be a .
chapel bott itt is Casten doune . & 3itt lyges
ye stanes yar ; and if alle itt be so yatt ye
Colett of saynt kateren saie yat itt is alle on
place . wher our lorde gafe ye lawe to moyses
& yar saynt kateren was grawen ; and 3e
sall vnderstande yatt itt is alle in a contre
or in a stede yatt beres a name ; For yai er
bathe callede mounte Sinay . bott itt is betwen
a grett way and a grett valey
Now when a+man has visetyde yis place
of saynt katerine; and he wille turne

to Jerusalem ; he sall firste take leefe att ye monkes
. & Recomaunde hym specialie to yer prayere
and ye same Monkes gifes wt goode wille
vitayles to pilgrymes to passe wt yoro wildernese
to Surry and yatt lastes well xiij
iournese ; and in yatt Contre duelles many
arabiens yat men calles bedoynese and
<fol. 18r>ascoperdes . and yes er men of alle Euel condicoun
& yai haue ne houses . bott tentes whilke yai
make of Camelus & of oyer bestes yt yai ette
and yar vnder yai lygge ; and yai duel . in
places whar yai may fynde water of ye rede
see ; For in yat wildernese is grett faute
of water . and itt falles oft . yar as a man
fyndes water a+daye . he fyndes nan a-noyer
day . And yar-for yai make na houses in yatt
contre nor yai tille na lande ; For yai ett na
brede bott yai duel . ner a gude toune . and yai
roste alle yar flesche . and yar fische in hotte stones
a-gayne ye sonne ; and yai ar strange men
and well fi3ttynge and yai do nott elles botte
chases wilde bestes ; for yer Sustinance and yai
sett nott be yar lifes ; and yar-for yai drede nott
ye soudan nor oyer lordes of ye warlde ; and
ofte yai werre wt ye soudane . yai hade bott
a schelde and a speer for to fende yame with
& yai haue na noyer armour bott wyndes yer
<fol. 18v>hedes & yar nekkes wt lyne clathe ; and yai
er men of Euel condicionse . & when men
passes yis way to Jerusalem yai come to barsabee
; yatt was summe thyme a fayr citee and
a likynge of Cristen men . and 3itt yar is
summe of yar kyrkes . and in yat toune
duellyde summe thyme ye patriarke abraham
yis citee foundede vrrie his wife
dauid was of yam bothe . yatt war kyge
of Jerusalem and of xij kyngdomes of israel
and he rengnyde xl . wynter ; And fro yin
men gas to ye vale of Ebren yat is fra
Ebrew xii myle . and summe men calles itt
ye vale of mambre . and so itt is Callede
ye vale of teres Jn as mykyle as Adam
wepyde yar an . c . 3eer For ye dede of
his sone abel . yat kaym slew ; And ebren
was summe thyme ye chefe toune of alle
ye philisteans . and yar duelles Giauntes
& yar itt was so free yt men toke trispassours
and alle oyer yatt hade don euel .
<fol. 19r>Jn Ebren Josue Calofe; and yai sent men to aspye
how yai my3te wyne ye lande of promission
Jn Ebren dauide Regnyde firste viii 3eer and
a halfe ; And yar is alle ye grawes of ye patriarkes
; adam abraham & Jacob & yar wifus
. Eue . Sarra . and . rabecca . and yai er on a hye
hille & vnder yam is a fair kirke & itt is couerede
as a Castell . yatt 3ara3ens kepes well
and yai haue yatt place in grett werschipe for
ye holie patriarkes yatt ligges yar . and yai
suffre na cristen men come yar ; nor Jews
bott yai haue speciale grace of ye soudane
For yai halde cristen men as dogges yat
sulde nott come in-to no halie place as spelunk
caue or oyer double graues ; For an of
yam ligges on a-noyer ; And ye sara3ens
calles itt in yar langage Canatharba . yat
is to say a place of patriarkes . and ye Jewes
calles itt arbay & in yat same place was
abraham hous . and yat was ha yat satt in
his dore and saw thre persones . yatt is for
<fol. 19v>for to say he sawe thre . and an he wirschipped
and hym he toke to his house <lat></lat>
and ryghte ner yt place
is a caue in a Roche wher adam & Eue duellyd
when yai war dryfen oute of paradiste . and
yar yai gatt yar childer ; and in yat same place
was adam as men says ; For men Callede
summe thyme yatt . ye felde of damase ; for itt
was in ye lordeschipe of damase ; and fro yine
he was translatede in-to Paradise as men
sais afturwarde he was drawˆ[e]ne oute agayn
For ye same day . yatt he was pute in-to Paradise
. he was pute oute a-gayne ; For he
synnede ; yar begynnes ye vale of Ebrew
yat lastes ner to Jerusalem ; and ye aungel bade
Adam yat he sulde duel . wt his wife . and he
gatt seth ; and in yatt vale is a felde yatt
men drawes out a thinge yat men Calles
Cambile & yai ett yat yinge in-stede of spices
; & yai ber itt to sell ; and if men make
itt neuer so depe ; itt wille be fule agayne at

<Tranche 2>

<fol. 71r><line 11> For to ga fra yis ile to see occian
towarde ye est many Journes

a man sall fynde a kyngdome . yat is callyde
mansye and itt is in Jnde ye maste
and ye beste . & ye moste dilettable and
moste plente of gudes yat is in ye power
of mane ; Jn yis lande dwelles cristen
men and 3ara3ens . for itt is a grett lande
yar-in is ij thousande grett citees & towns
Jn yis lande gase na men of beggynge
for yar is no poore men yer-in ; . and ye heyr
of mens berdes yar is lieke cattes heyre
<fol. 71v>Jn yis lande er fayr women ; and yar-for
men calles yis lande albanye . be-cause
of ye whitte folke : and yar is a citee
yat men calles latoryme ; and itt is mykill
mar yane parische . Jn yat citee is
a fayr water beringe schippes . and in yt
lande is twa gretter brygges yan is in any
oyer landes ; and yar is gude chepe os<?>itales
. and yar is grett plente of neddres
of whilke yai make grett festes and etys
yame att grett solempnites ; for if a man
make a grett feste . bott if he haue of ye
neddres <exp>ane</exp> att ye hende of ye feste
he has na maner of thanke of yame for
all yat grett feste ; Jn yis contre er
whitte hennyse . & yai ber wole in-stede
of fedyrs . as schepe dose in yis contre ;
and women yat er weddyde . bers crownes
on yer heddes . att yai may be knawne
yar-bye ; Jn yis contre yai take a beste
yat men calles loyrus ; and yai teche
<fol. 72r>itt to go in-to ye Riuer . and o-non itt bringes
oute of ye water grett fisches & yus yai
take fische tyll att yai haue att yame neddys
¶ Fra yis citee men gas be many Jouurnays
to a cite yat is callyde Cassay yt
is ye maste citee of ye warlde : for yat
citee is . l . myle a-bowte . and yar is in yt
citee moo yan twelfe 3ates ; & euer-ilke a //
3ett is a gude towre . whar ye kepars
dwele to kep itt agayne ye grett Cane
for itt markes on his lande . and be ye
syde of yis citee rynnes a grett Rywer
and yar dwelles cristen men and oyer
also . yar is a gude contre and a plentywose
. and yar growes righte gude wyne
yat men calles bigone yat is a noble
citee ; yar ye kynge of ma[n]ssy wase wonte
to dwell and yer duelles religious men ;
cristen frers . and men gase on yat rywer
to yai come to a abbay of monkes of
ye citee ; And yer in yat abbay is a
<fol. 72v>grett gardene and a fayr and yar-jne is many
maner of trees & diuerse fruttes ; Jn yt
gardene is many maner of bestes as baboyns
; apes marmosettes and many oyer ; Ande
when ye cowent has ettyne . a monke takes
ye relife and garse ber itt in-to ye garden
and he smyttes ans wt a clekytte of siluer
whilke he bere in his hande . and sone efter
comes oute ye bestes yat j spake of and oyer
many . ner iij ml and he gifes yame yar
mett of fayr vessell of Siluer . and when
yai haue ettyn he smyttes wt ye clekytte
agayne . and yan yai ga agayne yar yai
come fra ; and ye monkes says att yes bestys
er saules of lordes . and of oyer riche
men and yes yat er foule bestes er sauls
of oyer comoners ; and J askede yam if itt
nott ben bettyr to haue gifen ye relife
to por men . and yai sayde yer is no poore
men in yat contre . and gife yer warre
3itt itt wer mar almus to gife yes poore
saules . yt suffres yar yar paynes ; for yai
<fol. 73r>ga na foryer to gitte mett ; yane men commes
to a citee yat men calles chebeus . and yar
wase ye firste segge of ye kynge of mansy
jn yis cite is fourte bryggys of stane righte
Whane men passes fra ye cite of
chebeus ; yai may passe a grett

rywer of fresche water and itt is ner four
myle brade . and yan men entres in-to ye
lande of ye grett Cane yis lande gase yoro
ye lande of Pigmaynes and ye folke of
yat lande is of lityll stature . for yai er
bott thre spane of lenthe . and if all yai
be lityll yai er righte fayre . and yai er
weddyde when yai er halfe 3eer alde
yes smale men trawels noghte . bott yai
haue a-monge yame grett men as we
er ; yat trawels for yame . and yai haue
grett scorne of yes grett men ; Ryghte
as we haue of giauntes . yat wase amange
vs ; Fra yis lande men gase into
many contres citees and tounes to
<fol. 73v>yai come to a citee . yat men calles ; Menkeus
; Jn yat citee is a grett nawie of
schippes . and yai er as whitte as yai snawe
of ye kynde of ye wode att yai er made
of . and yai er made as yai wer grette
houses wt halles and chaumbres . and
oyer esmentys ; Fra yine men gase on+a
Ryuer yat men <exp>men</exp> calles Coromasane
yis ryuer gase yoro Cathay . and dose
many tyme grett harme . when itt waxes
grett ; Cathay is a grett citee and a+fayr
and wyde . and fulle of marchandyse
yider <exp>comes</exp> comes many marchandes
euery 3eer ; and fechis spices and oyer
marchandise mor comon yan yai do in
oyer landes ; And 3e sall vnderstande yat
marchaundes yat comes fra venis or
fra gene or fra oyer places of lumbarde
or fra Romayne yai ga be ye see and
be ye lande . and 3itt itt is xj moneths
<fol. 74r>or yai may come to Cathay ; and towarde
ye est is an oyer citee yat is in ye prouince
of Cathay . & tartaryus hade made a
oyer citee yat men calles Cadoine . yatte
has xij 3attes ; and euer be-twen ilke two
3attes is a grett myle . So yat yes cites
ye alde and ye newe is aboute mar
yan xx myle . Jn yis citee is ye sege
of ye grett Cane . & itt is a full fayre
palase and a grett of ye whilke ye walles
er ij myle a-boute . & wt-Jn yatt is
many fayr palases . and in ye gardene
of yat palase is a grett hille ; on ye whilke
is a-noyer palase and itt is ye fayreste
yat may be fonne in any place . and all
a-boute yat hille is a grett dieke . and yer
ner is many Riuers and wyners on ilke
a syde . and yar is many wilde foules .
yat he may take . and go nott oute of
his palase . and in ye haule of ye palase
is xxiiij pilers of golde . and all ye walles
<fol. 74v>er cowerde wt rede bestes skynnes yatt men
calles planters . yes er fayr bestes and well
smellynge and for ye smellynge of ye skynnes
na ewill smell may come to yat palase
& yer skynnes er as reede as blode . yatte
vnyse may men be-halde yame a-gayne ye
sone . so schyne yai ; and men pray3es yes
skynnes as mykill as yai wer fyne golde
Jn myddyse ye palace is a place made ; yt
men calles ye mountour . yatt is made for ye
grett Cane righte well wt precyose stanes
and grett perles hyn[g]ynge all aboute ; and
att ye four corners of ye mountour is four
neddres of golde ; and vnder yat mountour
and a-bowne is condithes fulle of beuerage ;
And ye halle of yat palase is richelye dighte
and well ; firste att ye owermare hille
of ye hall . is his sette and his troune
righte hye whar he sittes att his mette
& a table yat is righte well borderyde wt
golde . and yat borde is fulle of peerles
& preciose stannes ; and ye greces yatte
<fol. 75r>he gas vpe-on is of precyose stannes borderyde
wt golde ; and att ye lefte hande
of his trone is ye sege of his wife J .
degre lawer ; yan hym-selfe syttes . and
yat is of iasper borderyde wt golde ; And
ye sege of his secunde wife is J degre .
lawer yan his oyer wife . and yatt is of iasper
borderyde wt golde ; And ye sege of his
thirde wife is on de-gre laweer yan his
secunde wife ; for all-way he has iij wifes
wt hyme . whar so he wendys ; be-syde
yes wifes on ye same syde syttes oyer
lades of his kyne . ilkon lawer yan oyer as
yai er of de-gre ; . and all yes yat er weddyde
has a conterfett of a marke lieke to
a mans fotte vp-on yar heddes . and itt is
a+schaftmonde lange . and made wt preciose
stannes and a-bowen yai er made wt schynynge
fedyrs . in tokenynge att yai er
in subieccoun to man . and vnder manes
fotte ; and yai att er nott weddyde . has
nan slike ; And on ye righte syde of ye
<fol. 75v>Emperour sittes firste his sone . yat salle
be emperour efter his day ; and he sittes a
gre lawer yan his fader . in sike a maner
of sege as his fader sittes Jne ; and be
hyme sittes lordes of his kynne ilkone .
lawer yan oyer in yar degrees ; And ye
Emperour has his table be his on ; and yt
is of golde & of preciose stanes or of whitte
cristall or of 3alowe borderyde wt golde
and ilkon of his wifes has a table be yamselfe