<County: City of York>
<Code: L0145>
<MS reference: York City Archives, York Memorandum Book, A/Y 255>
<Text: Memorandum>

<Tranche 1>

<fol. 264v><line 35>Jn þe name of god amen . yt ys to hafe in mynde þat whare þar~ ys a <ill><1 word></ill>
in þe crafte of Girdelers in þe Cite of york þat nane of þat crafte wirke <ill><1 word></ill>
amang~ other~ metaill bot yf yt be in souldour for deceyuyng~ of þe kyngys <ill><1 word></ill>
of perill of a certayn~ payne Apon thys ane of þe Sercheours sworn@ of þe <ill><rest of line></ill>
come befor~ John aldestanemor~ Mair~ of þe kynges cite of york and other~ <ill><rest of line></ill>
be þe vertu of hys athe he present in a forfet of John Fysshe Girdel made in hys <ill><1 word></ill>
for stuthes of XXXiij gyrdels of menged metaill agayn þe ordenaunce<?> <ill><rest of line></ill>
crafte and in deceyuynges of þe kynges poeple þe Whilk john Fysshe <ill><1 word></ill>
befor~ þe Mair~ of þis trespasse sayd þat he boght þat metaill of þase <ill><rest of line></ill>
lyllynges whilk was proued and founden fals for~ tyn and lede [was] menged <ill><rest of line></ill>
<fol. 265r>Als wyth this grete <ill><2 words></ill> sprang~<?> in the people þat þar~ was in cite of york now makers and vtterers
of ˆ [fair] Osmundes and þat Barn@ Smyth in Bonthym and John Holgate Marsshall in the suburbe of
walmegate in york suld make þam And so John Burnn<?> come before þe sayde mayr~ and be hys athe
made opon the haly euangell he sayde þat he cutted aboute xxvj peces of Jnglysh Jryn~ of John
lyllyng of york mercer~ at þe byddyng~ of hym and made þam in shappe of Osmundes and als he sayde
<ill><beginning of line></ill> wald noght hafe had a pece of þam for a-nother wyrkyng And þay war~ made to blend with
<ill><1 word></ill> Osmo<?>ndes<blank line following>
And<?> þe sayd John Holgate come befor~ the sayd mayr~ and he sworn~ apon a buke sayd þat John lyllyng
sent hym with hys awen cariage iijC & d of landiren and iiijC and mo peces of ˆ [fals] drosseyren euery <linefiller>
hundreth of vjxx<?> peces to make in Osmundes to menge with other~ for þe whilk þe sayd John Holgate
when he had wroght he sayd <linefiller> he wald noght hafe gyfen iij d for iiij stane of þam he sayd forther
mar~ þat the sayd John lyllyng delyuered hym a Osmund to make all other~ of the same shappe<blank line following>
Jtem þe sayd John lyllyng~ when he was first exam[i]ned of thys mater~ he wald hafe sworn<?> apon a
buke befor~ þe sayd Mayr~ and other had noght Thomas Bracebrygg counseld hym nay and <linefiller>
lettid hym þat he gart make bot xxvj peces nor þat had na ma fals Osmundes in hys house and
than þe sayd mayr~ after~ þe custume of þe Cite sent to þe Sercheours of þe Jrenmangers of the
Cite of york þat John Stertauant Esquier the mayr~ Sergeant and thay suld wend<?> into þe house
of the sayd John lyllyng~ to serche what Osmundes he had with-in hym at þat <ill><1 word></ill> And so att þe
commandment of þe Mayr~ þai yode and serched and þai fand þar~ ij barels of new made Osmundes
of drosse mengid with gude Osmundes and other fals Osmundes oute of barells And the
mayr~ sent of þam to smyths to se be þayr~ crafte if þai war~ abill to putt in werk and þar~
þai myght noght abyde þe hamar~ bot<?> brake in small peces . And also þai fande certein smale peces
mylten~ Tyn mengid with other~ metall als wele is to shewe in þe chambr~<blank line following>
And after~ this come William Kyam@ of york merchaunt and sayd to þe sayd mayr~ and other that he was
late at hull and come to John Bower~ stathe and thar~ John Bower proferd to sell hym a laste of
Osmundes and þar~ this William Kyam~ saw ij barells of Osmundes market with with þe marke of John
Lyllyng and he tuke vppe þe heued of a barell and yt semed gude abouen~ and he opend þe heued
of þe other barell and yt was bot drosse in pecys and he come to John Bower~ and told hym
lyke als he sayd and John Bower~ sayd hym þat he had sald sex barells of John Lyllyng~
of þat same sorte euery barell for xij s~<blank line following>
Here-apon in þe vigill of Peter and Paule apostells in þe yer~ of þe regne of kyng~ henr~ sext
after þe conqueste fyft the sayde John lyllyng~ come befor~ þe sayd John Aldestanemore mayr~
of york Richard Russell newly mayr~ of þe Staple and Calyes William Bowes~ John
of moreton~ Thomas Gare Henr~ Preston~ Thomas Esyngwald Thomas Bracebryg
<ill><1 word></ill> Ormesheued Piers Bukcy John Bolton~ Aldermen~ . Guy Ronclyff Recorder~ William
Gyllyngton~ ane of þe Shirrefes Thomas Doncastr~ Geffray Sauuage<?> Robert yarom~ Th
Snawdon~ John lofthouse John Gascoyngne Thomas Aton~ Thomas kyrkham William
Bedall William Gaytesheued Thomas Dauy William Crauen~ of þe xxiiij and thar~
he was empeched of forgeyng of fals Osmundes of drosse and of landyren~ and of vtte
ryng of þam~ in foule deceyte and ryght grete harme of þe kynges people and ryght gret<?>
sklaundre of þe Cite of york and agayne þe course of trewe marchandise And to this
he ans<ill><2 letters></ill>rd and sayd þat he perceyued wele þat Jren~ waxed skant and der~ and he had mykyll
with-in hym of dross and landiren and tharfor~ he gart forge yt in shapp of Osmundes
<fol. 265v>for vtteryng of his jren so into jseland And so he gart þerof als he graunted ixxx peces & <ill><1 word></ill>
and vtterd [man<?> of] þam at hull and oþer places And for this defaute he submit [hym] to abyde and fulfill þe
iugement of þe mayr~ and þe counsell of þe chambr~ And be þe auyse of þe mayr~ and þe befor
sayd consell yt ˆ [was awarded] þat John lyllyng suld fynd seurte of vc marke þat he suld ˆ [abyde] th+award of þe Mayr~
an þe counseyll of þe chambr~ what tyme he war~ warned for the trespasses abouensayd als fer~<?>
als fell to þair~ power~ or auctorite And apon þis John Gascoigne and William Bedale become
pleges and seurte for þe sayd John lyllyng þat he suld abyde and fulfill þe awarde of þe Mayr~ and
þe counsell what tyme he [war<?>] warned And als for a percell of þair~ iugement and þair~ awarde at
þat tyme þai chargid þe sayd John Lyllyng þat fra þan furth he suld bere þe kynges pease to
John holgate mersshall and John Bren Smyth abouensayd wham he thret with bodily harme
for þai bar~ recorde agayne hym and to all þe kynges people of payn~ of vc marke to be raysed of þe
landes and tenementes of þe sayd John lyllyng to þe oeps of our~ souerayne lorde þe kyng~ yf he did any
thyng agayne þe kynges pease þat might be proued apon hym lawfully in tyme comyng~ And ouer this
þe sayd mayr~ and þe counsell of þe sayd Cite discharged þe sayd John lyllyng of þe counsell of the
chambr~ and of hys fredom of franchise of þe cite and charged hym þat he suld noght occupy in
bying nor in sellyng als a <ill><1 word></ill> citezin bot als a straunger~ nor þat he suld hald na shopp of his opyn~
with-in þe fraunchyse of þe cite vn<ill><rest of word></ill> þe tyme þat þe mayr~ and þe counsell of þe chambr~ war~ in oþer~
maner~ auysed <ill><1 word></ill> þat all hys fals<?> Osmundes in [his] house suld be broght in-to þe chambr~ of counsell
of þe sayd cite<blank line following>
And wyth þis þe sayd John lyllyng was accused and <ill><1 word></ill> amang~ mercers and other~ men þat Girdelers
of þe Cite had in thar~ houses fals tyn mengyd with other~ metaill þat was boght of hym and so the
Sercheours of þe Girdelers of þe said cite be commandement of þe mayr~ serched be vertu of þair~ office after
þe custume of þe cite and þai fond in þair~ crafte certayn~ peces in shappe and fourme of harowes multen
of tyn~ ˆ [&] lede and pewtr~ to-geder~ þat was selled for clene tyn~ agayne course of clene marchandise whilk
was boght of John lyllyng~ and þase peces þai broght to þe mayr~ in-to þe Chambr~ And þat was wele
fynden and proued þt John lyllyng~ had salde mykell swylk decyuable Tyn to Bellemakers in-to þe Cun
tre and other~ men~ whar~thurgh þe cite was gretely greued sclandered and þai<?> harmed<blank line following>
And her~ apon~ þe sayd John lyllyng was examynd befor John Aldestanemore Mayr~ Richard Russell
William Bowes John Moreton~ Thomas Gar~ Henry Preston~ Thomas Bracebrygg william Ormesheued
Piers Bukcy Aldermen~ Guy Ronclif recordour John brounflet William Gyllyngton~ Shirrefe John <ill><1 word></ill>
Thomas Doncastr~ Thomas More Thomas Snawdon~ Robert yarom~ Th Dauy Thomas Aton~ Thomas
kyrkham William Bedale William Gaytesheued John Gascoigne William Caruen~ Richard louthe<?> of þe xxiiij
þe last day of juyll in þe yer~ of þe kyng~ beforsayde bathe of fals Osmundes makyng~ and <ill><1 word></ill>
of castyng~ of fals Tyn@ menged with lede and pewer~ and sellyng~ of yt deceyuabely for gude Tyn~
to Girdelers and to Bellemakers and other persons and to þis poyntes John lyllyng~ sayd þat he b<ill><rest of word, ?bade></ill>
John Holgate mersshall make hym Ploghstrakes of drosse and landyren~ þat he sent hym and na osmundes
And þat John Holgate beyng~ thare present befor þe sayd Mair~ and counsell in presence of John lyllyng~
swor~ apon~ a buke and sayd þat John lyllyng~ bad hym þat he suld make hym Osmundes of þe drosse
and landyren~ þat he sent hym and na plughstrakes and delyuered hym a Osmund to make <ill><rest of line></ill>
And the same John Holgate sayd þat þe same day he was arested John lyllyng~ come <ill><rest of line></ill>
promped hym and bad hym say þat he cutt hym bot a hundreth of landyren~ þat he <ill><rest of line></ill>
bot yf he sayd so he myght na langer~ abyde in þe sayd citee And þat this was trew þe sayd John<?>
Holgate proferd to proue yt wyth hys handes apon~ John lyllyng~ yf he wald agaynsay this

<Tranche 2>

<fol. 266v>Chambr~ and þar~ att þat tyme come Maistr~ John Selow Chanon~ residenciar~ of þe <ill><rest of line></ill>
Maistr~ John Carleton~ Th~ Haselay Clerk of þe crown~ and Robert Manfeld Marsshall in york<?>
hostell and þar~ made grete instance and prayers to þe mair~ and gude men~ to doo <ill><rest of line></ill>
fauour to þe sayd John Lyllyng~ at þe reuerence of our~ souerane lady þe quene and of þe Ar<?>
chibisshopp of york wham þe quene had spoken to first and sythen writenn vnto for þe
same mater~ and als at þe reuerence of þe lord Beaumont whilk had writen~ to maister Jo<?>
Selowe to pray in his name for ease of þe sayd John lyllyng And þar~ þe maire
gude+men~ abouen-sayd gaf : þam to answer~ þat þis mater~ touched all þe gude men of þe
consell of ye Chambre and þe comialte of þis Cite and many of þe consell of þe chambr~<?>
þat tyme war~ absent with-oute wham þai myght gif þam nane answer~ at þt tym
and þar~for~ þai wald gedir~ to-gedir~ mare fully þe counsell of þe citee and gif þam a<?>
answer~ and þat þai suld send vpon~ monday next folowyng certen~ gude men of þe<?> chambr<?>
to Cawod to commonn with þe Archibisshop for þis mater~ and be his consell and þe <ill><rest of line></ill>
of þe Citee þai suld so doo þat our~ souerayn~ lady þe quene and þe Archibisshop and <ill><rest of line></ill>
Beaumont and <ill><c. 2 words></ill> suld wele vnderstand and for þt þair~ praiers suld <ill><1 word></ill> John lyllyng<?>
to auaill
<ill><20 lines><ill>
or in dede he wilfully and openly confessed þat he was gylty and coulpabyll of all þe trespasse
abouen-sayd þat he was impeched of befor~ and for~ þas trespasse he besoght þe <ill><rest of line></ill>
þe gude men of ease of his payment3 And þar~ þan he was asked yf he couth<?> <ill><rest of line></ill>
say or compleyne þat þe mayr~ and þe counsell of ˆ [þe chambr~] had done hym any wrong~ in þis<ill><rest of line></ill>
and he sayd nay nor þat he couth noght nor wald noght say þat þe mair~ and þe consell of
þe chambr~ had done hym any maner~ of wrang~ in þis maner~ bot þt he is wele <ill><1 word></ill> of
all þat þai had done and so þe sayd John lyllyng~ was voided And þan Thomas haseley and
Robert Manfeld made grete prayers for~ lessenyng of þe sumes of þe payment3 of þe sayd John
lyllyng And her~ apon~ avyce takenn þt was gifen þam for~ answer~ at þat tyme <ill><rest of line></ill>
Mair~ and þe gude men~ sulde send certeyn~ menn of þe chambr~ to þe Archibisshop <ill><rest of line></ill>
onn monday þan nexte commyng~ to commonn with hym in þis mater~ and take his consell <ill><rest of line></ill>
þar~-in And after~ þat þai suld so doo þat þe perties þat melled for John lyllyng~ suld hald <ill><1 word></ill>
<fol. 267r><ill><beginning of line></ill> And her~ apon~ þai chesed Richard Russell Thomas Bracebryg Aldermenn Gui Ronclyff
<ill><beginning of line></ill>Will Crauenn Thomas Atonn to wend to Cawod for~ þat cause to commone wt þe Archi
<ill><beginning of line></ill>op on monday þan next folowyng~ and in þe mene-tyme þe mair~ and þe gude men
<ill><beginning of line></ill> enfourmed þat ˆ [þat] monday þe Archibisshop myght noght be at Cawod for~ other~ occupacions
<h?>e had to doo vtteward and þerfor he assigned þam þe wednesday next after to be befor~ ˆ [hym] at
<ill><beginning of line></ill> wod At þe whylk wednesday Richard Russell and oþer persones next befor~ neuend þay war~
<ill><beginning of line></ill> C<?>awd for~ þis mater~ and ˆ [þai] war~ þar~ honorabely receyued be þe Archibisshop and commond wyth him
þe maters abouen~sayd Apon whylk commonyng~ when þai come hame was done afterwarde
<ill><beginning of line></ill> her~ fast folowys
<ill><beginning of line></ill> xxj day of August þe yer~ of þe kyng~ befor~-sayd fifte John Aldestanemor~ Mair~ Richard
<Ru?>ssell William Rowes John of Moreton~ Henr~ Preston Thomas Esyngevald Th~ Bracebryg~
<ill><beginning of line></ill> Bukcy John of Bolton aldermen Guy Ronclyf Recordour John Brounflete William
<G?>illyngton shirrefs John Hewyk Thomas Mor~ John Waghen Robert yar John Gascoigne
William Crauen Thomas Aton Thomas kyrkeham William Bedale William Gaytesheued
John Warde of þe xxiiij war~ assembled her~ in þe chambr~ of counsell whar~ þe sayd
Richard Russell Thomas Bracebryg Guy Ronclif William Crauen and Thomas Aton declared
<ill><start of word></ill>ar~ commyng to Cawod and þe fourme of þar~ commyng þar~ wyth ˆ [to] þe Archebisshop and of þar~
departyng fra hym And apon þis declaracion~ made þe consell of þe<?> chambr~ tuke þar~ auyse
what þam semed and lykyd best to do in þis mater~ And þar~ þe mair~ and þe consell tenderly
considred þe letres and prayers of our~ soueran lady þe quene whilk sho had sent to þe Arche-bisshop
for~ John lyllyng~ and þe bysy prayers<?> of þe archebisshop and als of haseley and of Robert Man
feld þai assented þat ane obliga<cion?> of <ill><2 words></ill> John lyllyng and of John Gascon~ of xl marc~
whylke suld hafe ben payed at þe fest<?> of seint hillare next comyng and Also an~ obligacyon~
of a statute merchant of fyfe <ill><c. 3 words></ill> þe whilk þe forsayd John lyllyng was bunden~
to Richard Russull William <ill><c. 3 words></ill> to be payed at þe fest of Michelmes þan next
folouyng~ and a defesance <ill><c. 5 words></ill> John lyllyng fra þan~ furth suld be
of gude gouernaunce and trew<?> <ill><c. 2 words></ill> hys bying and his sellyng wyth-outen any gylery
fraude or+deceyt als falle3 <ill><c. 2 words></ill> merchaunt to doo a[n]d by and sell after treu cource of mer
chantdyse suld be delyuerd to haseley and Robert Manfelde and so John lyllyng be quyt of þam
And her~ apon euen <ill><c. 3 words></ill> ij obligacions anˆ [d] þe defesance was taken and delyuerd
to haseley and Robert Manfeld and cancelled and þai thanked þe Mayr~ and all þe gude+men
hertly for þt þay had done <ill><1 word></ill> of þe quenes prayers & þe Archibisshop and þairs
and <ill><1 word></ill> sothely þat þai suld make relacion~ to þe quene and þai suld wele see and
knawe þat þe quene suld <ill><1 word></ill> þe quene sulde thanke þam~ þerfor~ in tyme comyng And
her~ apon John of bolton alderman <ill><1 word></ill> his firste commyng fra þe parlement delyuered a letre fra
þe quene to þe mair~ in þe whilk letre sho thanked þe Mair~ and all þe gude men of þis
Citee of ease and fauour þai <ill><2 words></ill> at þe reuerence of hir~ pr[a]yer to John lyllyng~ Merc~<?> of
york<blank line following>
Vnto his Wirshipfull Mayr~ and þe Aldermen~ and all þe wirshipfull counsell of þe cite of
york shewes if it lyke vn-to your~ wirshipfull and wyse discrecion~ your~ concite3in John lyllyng~
þat it was neuer my wyll for+to affend ne for+to attempte any thyng þat lange3 to þis wirshipfull
Cite and wirshipfull sires what at has bene done or sayd touchyng my person~ it is noght
vn <ill><1 word></ill> vnto you bot j put na defaute in nane þat langes to þis wirshipfull Citee ne
noght wyll bot neuer-þeles þe charge is to me full heuy and greuous for+to ber~ þat is put
vnto me after þe grete losses þat j haue had and sustened be diuerses ways als it is wole
knawen~ to diuerses gude men~ of þis Cite wha~for j pray you and besekes you for þe grete
merce of god þat yhe will deme þis matier~<?> after gude conscience and as yhe trow
þat god wyll þerof be most plesed for j am hee þat wyll noght offend your~ wyll
<fol. 267v>ne your~ ordinance nor na nother~ suyte make be fully for+to be demed be you in hegh and <ill><rest of line></ill>
besekyng you alway wyth al my hert to be gude maisters and frendes to me and gif<?> <ill><rest of line></ill>
your~ gude worde and to graunt me your~ gude hertes for~ þe werke of þe <ill><rest of line></ill>
Jn þe witnes of þe whilk thynge to þis byll J haue put to my seal writen <ill><rest of line></ill>
day of Januar~ Jn þe yer~ of þe reigne of kyng~ henr~ sext After þe conquest of
Jngland sext