<County: Yorkshire>
<Code: L0199>
<MS reference: Cambridge University Library, Ff.v.48, Hand B>
<Text: South English Legendary>

<Tranche 1>

<fol. 79r>Sant Michaell ye archangell : & his fellagh also
Er be-twene god & vs : to schewe quat we shall do
A day yai haue in ye 3er~ . thoro-out al cristyndome
Thorow a myracle of sayn mighel : yt halday vs come
In a nend of apuyle . a hey hill yere w<?>s & is
Yat hil is cald gargane . after a+man J-wis
For a mon yt hi3t gargane . wonned yt hil full nere
He was a ful rich man . & of gret power~
Hit befel in ye iijc 3er~ . & yerto eunn xxti
After yat our~ lorde wos borne . of his moder mary
Yis garganes oxonn & his bestes . als wer~ wont at ryue
At morne vn-to yis hill . to yair~ pastour~ to dryue
At euen , quen ye bestes come home . als yai wer~ wont <ill><1 word></ill>
Bot a boll . yt he mykil lufed . be-hynd he left al-one
To ye hee tope of yis hill . yis bull ful euen he dro3e
At euen quen ye lord hym myssed . he greuet hym sore eno3 quen
He toke wt hym men enoghe . & so3t him al yt lande
At ye he3est tope of yt hill . at ye last he him fande
He toke an+arowe yt venomed was . in gret wrathe eno<?>
He schot at ye sele best . wt all his my3t he dro3e
Yis ilke arowe quen he hit schotte . twrnet euen to him a <ill></ill>
& woundet him als for wreke . & nere hit had hym slayne
All ye folke yt stode a-boute . in full grete drede yer was
To ye bisshope yai went be life . & told him al yt case
Ye bisshope wos <?> yen . & in gret tho3t he stode
He tho3t hit wos sum tokenyng . of ille or els of gode
All ye <?> he bad yen yore . in praiers for to be
And iij daies in fastyng . yis tokenyng to knawe & se<?>
Sany myghell after ye thyrd day . to ye bisshope he come
Hou thynke ye of ye deyde he saide . & of yes wonders <ill></ill>
<fol. 79v>Non wonder hafe 3ow yer-of my will hit wos J-wise
For J wil kepe yt ilke stide . yt in my ward now is
And in yis maner I schew hit 3ow . yt 3e ye sothe may se
For yi dos worschip to yt styd . yor shal J wardayne be
Ye bisshope wt profession . yt wos bothe fayr~ & hynde
For to worschip . yt holy place . yidir con he weynde
A kirke yai fand made yer . wt fair~ walles a-boute
Bot yai durst no3t ne3e it ner~ . bot mad yair~ prayers wt-oute
Yore-after al yt of yt land . yt cristen men were
All ye day com to ye hill . & mad yair~ prayers yer
So hit be fel after-ward . yt ye sara3enys conm cun yer
For to d<?>stry cristen men . wt strengh & gret power~
Ye bisschop bad al yes cristenn folke . lastand dayes iij
To pray to saynt+myghell . and als in fastyng be
Ye thryd ny3t saynt myghell . come to ye bisschop sone
Make reidy he said al yi folke yie batell for to done
To-morne luke 3e to batail gang . euyn~ all vnder onn tide
For I my-selfe wt 3ou shal be . to helpe on euer ilk syde
Y<?> was ye bisshop glad eno3 his folke he mad a-3ar~
<ill></ill> ye angell bad . to ye batell conn yai f<?>
Yai fa3t to ged~ opon yt hill . bot sone yen conn ill fall
A myrk cloude come sone yen . & ouer-quelmed yaim all
A leuennyng cum on ilk a syde . ye sara3ynes smot to gronde
Yt sex . M . wer~ yer slayne . wt-in a lityll stonnde
Ye oyer fled fast a-way . vnnethes wt yair~ life
And fore so ill after yt tyme . yt non of yaim my3t thrife
Yus saynt Myghel bare hym yore . bothe in far~ & ner~
For yi hit is sothe yat dauid said in ye sauter~
<fol. 80r>Yat ouer lord mad his angels . als sperites yt ar fliand
And yos yt serwes hym euer elyke . als fyre yt is brennand
Ye toyer day cristen men . mad yaim redi & suell
To wende a-gayn to ye hill . to thonk saynt Myghell
Yore yai fond a kirke vp raisede . & di3t ful quantly
Ye bysschop yof he wer~ glad yer-of . he had ful gret ferly
He wiste no3t how hit yide come . ne quo hit set yer
Ne queyer yt saynt Myghell wold at yt kyrke halued wer~
For sum tho3t hit wos ri3t . to halugh yt kirke newe
Bisely yat bisschop prayed . saynt myghell als he wos tr <ill></ill>
yt he wold send sum tokenyng . quat he yer of schuld do
And gerd ye folke iij dais fast . & faste he praied yer-to
Yen come ye aungell saynt Myghell . & to ye bisschop spake
Ne wond~ ye no3t of yis kyrke . yt J my-selfe con make
I hafe hit mad on yis man~ . and halowit [it] al-so
Yer-of yu shal fynde tokenyng . quen yu comes yer-to
Wend in at ye est porche . ri3t als J hafe done
My fotstepe sal yu fynd . & se in ye marbul stone
Syng yen yore yi first masse . & gife yi folke also
Ourn lordis flesche and his blode . or yt yai yethenn go
Ye bisschope sang his messe yore . & sithen at ye ende
Ye folke he housled euer ilkonn . er he wolde home wende
Ye folke onn-to ye hali stid . al day fast yai dro3e
Mony wonders our~ lorde yer wro3t . & fayre myracles eno3e
So yat <hole in page> e yt yen wos thurlgh ye cardenales rede
For ye luf of ye haly place . & saynt myghell deyde
And ye fayre meracles yat of saynt myghell come
Gart halow myghelmas day . thorow-out all cristendome
<fol. 80v>In ye monethe of september~ he haues a-noyer daye
Be-for ye fest of sant luke . als J you tell may
Thorow ye will of saynt myghell . ri3t als ye toyer was
And thoro his biddyns how hit wos fondonn . J shal 3ou tell y case
Hit be-fell ye seuen C . 3er~ & in ye x 3ere ri3t
After ye tyme yt god sonne . in mare maid<ill><rest of word></ill> li3t
To a bisschop yt he3t aubert . saynt myghell peryt be ny3t
Be-side ye mountayn of tumbe thoro a verray sy3t
A-ponn yt hill of tumbe . he bad hym raise a kirke
Slyke onne as wos on gargane hill . & hastile hit wirke
ye bisschop ast in quat stid . he shuld yis kirke ger~ make
Saynt myghell hym tolde yen . & tokenynges he con hym take
On hillys bethe ye kirkes wer~ . & bothe of saynt myghell
A he3e monn yen wold he be . yt lufed hilles so wole
In ye gret see of occean . ye hill of tumbe is
Yat gos about al ye werke . als clerkes telles J . w is
Ye see gos aboute yis hill . euer 3er~ to myghelmas day
Yen ye see wt-draues hym . & his a fair~ dry way
Yat men may go to worschip yt place . & non oyer tyme yer is
That euer ye see gos it aboute . bot yt fest day I wis
So hit be-fell at slik a tyme . ye see hit seluen wt-dro3e
In ye fest day of yt stid . come yider fork in-noghe
So yt a <exp>mon</exp> womon wt child . ouer lang yorer con lende
Was no3t so swythe as oyer wer~ . agaynward for to wende
Thore ye see hir ouer-toke . & scho be left wt <hole>
& fleted yore in mykyl care . to lond scho my3t not wynne
So yt sho[d]welled yer~ all yt 3erer . & hade a child in yt place
Ful a tuelmothe holly . thurgh ye my3t of goddes grace
Sho was delyuer in ye see . thoro ye grace of saynt myghell
<fol. 81r>Sho was delyuer in ye see . & at ye twelmothe ende
Holl and sonde wt hir schyld . to yt place conn sho wende
Yus wos sho sauyd in ye see . thoro ye grace of saynt myghell
A fair~ meracle for sothe wos yis . wt tong~ als J 3owe tell
Ye hil of tumbe men hit calles . for sumquat naro hit is
And also long for it is like . a ded+mon graue J wis

<Tranche 2>

<fol. 83v>Saynt pawle was a wikked man . & mony men he slo3e
And also Mare Maudlayne . to lechory scho dro3e
Saynt petir ourn lorde for-soke . thris oponn a ny3t
And mony oyer haly men . synnyd and did vnry3t
And 3et ar~ yai in heuenn . 3owe cummes neuer so hye
For so may yu yis mys a mend . ful long er yu die
If he may no3t wt his fynger ger men to hym assent
Wt ye strengh of ye thowme . he lokes quat he may hent
And sayes yu art strenkethy man . mor~ synne for to bete
Quy shuld yu leue so myri a thyng . yt is k likand & swete
And leue yi synne afterward . sen yu has so mykill my3t
For mony febeler~ yen yu art . has donn mykil mor~ vnry3t
Yat men shuld loke toward homm . & sumquat chaung yair tho3t
Yis wold he cleche vs wt his hande . wt his fyngers on rawe
Shame & sorow be-tyde yt honde . for sertes hit is a schrewe
For-yi bese war~ wt yis honde . yt wil 3ow drawe to synne
A grete synne he makis it small . so is he quant of gynne
<ill><1 word></ill> s god is leche & my3tty . & yu shal lif lang
<ill><1 word></ill> how yt oyer synnes er~ mar~ . yt ar no3t half so strang
<ill><1 word></ill> quen 3e thynk slyke a tho3t . vmthynk 3ou wele of yis
How yt schrewes telles 3ow . & luke quat fynger it is
And say him yt he lyes loude . quo so durst hym tell
For yat he is most ma[i]ster . in ye pitte of hell
For certis quo so ill does . & cumes<?> to his tellyng
Ay fro les synne to mor~ . ful sone he wil him bryng
And sithenn to ye pytte of hell . wt him to duell ay yore
Bot if god hym grace send . to mend his life be-fore
Gife we may no3t yes schrewes se . a-mang vs ar yai thike
<fol. 84r>If yei out of hell be . yair paynes ar~ strong & thike
For yai far~ ri3t als a man . yat in ye feuers is
Quer~ so he go in toune or fyld his brynnng wt him is
Quorre ser~ yai wende fer~ or ner~ ye duell & his hynd
Euer mor~ yai ar in kar~ . in wo & lastyng pyne
Al if yat be out of hell . ouer all wt-outen dowte
Ye hote brennand fyre of hell . wt yaim yai ber a-bowte
Fro yt fir~he vs shend . yt lorde yt is most of my3te
Thoro ye praier of saynt myghell . prince og aungels bry3t
Saynt myghell ye archangel . to ye we crie & pray
Quen we ar~ dede our~ saules yu lede . to blisse yt lastis ay
Sauynt Mary day in lentonn . among hir dayes gude
Is wele worthi halloed to be . quo so wele vnderstode
For yt day in to erthe . come ye fyrst tythyng
Yat god wold in a madyn li3t . & out of hell vs bryng
And at ye begynnyng of ye world . our~ forme fader adam
Synnyd first in paradise . & bro3t vs all in blame
And after yat on yt ilke day . 3et be-fel a-noyer
Yat cayme yit cursid wos ay . slo3e abell his broyer
And abraham ye patrearke . yt ilke day also
Wos bonne in sacrifices to godd ysaake his sonne to slo
And on yis day ye aungell cum . to Mayden Mary gude
And goddes son on yis ilke day . in hir toke flesche & blode
Saynt Johan Babtist onn yis day . as we fynd hit writynn
Thoro herode ye fals tirant . his hede wos of smytynn
And after yat at welmwud . a-ponn yt ilke day
<fol. 84v>Wos crist done aponn ye rode . our~ raunson for to pay
And saynt Jame ye apostill als . yt of goddes aunt come
As hit fell a-pon yis day . thoiled martirdome
Yes seuenn thynges at ye lest . fell on yt ilke daye
For yt art all holy kirke . to honour hit for ay
Now praie we vnto yt heuenn lady . of quome yis day is wro3t
Yt we may cum vnto blis . to quylke god has vs bro3t amen
Festes yat fallis in ye 3er~ . yt we call stirrannde
Ye first men cloises<?> alleluya . as J vnderstonde
Sithyn lentynn & sithynn paske . yt lo3e or he3e may fall
Ye Croce days & yer witt-sononday . yt is ye last of all
Yes fyue ar~ mouand . as menn sese ilke a 3er~
And none is lyke to anoyer . as 3e maye se & her~
Alleluya we leue to syng . quen septuagesym coms in .
For we schuld yen meke vs to god & mowrne for our synn
For we yen leue in holy kirke . al maner oft songe & blis
Of alleluya & oyer mo . ye skill yer it is
Yat we shuld wt soro of hert our~ life in penaunce lede
And at ouerr~ pouer~ to make a-mamendys . to god for our~ mysdede
LEntyn comes sone afterward . yt sex wokes lastes
Thoro ye la3e of ihesu crist . all cristyn men fastys
For hit is skil yt cristenn men . gif holly yair~ tendyndes
Of yair~ bodys ri3t als yai do . of yair~ oyer thynges
And at yai tend al-so truly . ye dayes of ye 3ere
In forgyfnes of yair~ synnes . yat yai do oft here
For-yi quy yer is iij . c . days . & sexty in ye 3ere
<fol. 85r>And of yse days wt-outyn mo . bot if lepe 3er~ be
Ye euynn teynd of ye days . & lett fyfe leue be-hynde
Is euenn sex & iiiti days quo countes shall fynde
Take yes sex & iiiti days . & putt fyfe yer to
Yat ar~ ye foure clensyng dais . <exp>& sex wokus I wis</exp> [wt ye souondays also]
Yer is two & faurty days . & sex wokes J wis
So mykill is to paske day . all clene lentynn it is
Put alway ye sex sonondais . & yen leues yer her~
Euenn sex & iiiti days . ye euynn tende of ye 3er~
And take ye faur~ clensyng~ dais . & fast yer-wt also
Yen has yu euynn faurty days to fast & not on mo
So mony days passand ye teynde . yer-to bus vs cast
In ensampill of our~ lorde . yt faurty days conn fast
And ensampill of Moises . & Ely ye prophete
Yai bothe fastid faurty days . & no+kyn mete yai ete
Both yai had grete med yer-fore . & meryte of god eno3e
Yer-fore Ely in paradis . a brynnand cartt vp dro3e
In erthely paradise he is . as yes clerkes say
In fleche and blo bone & yer schal be . to agayns domys day
A-pon ye hill of synay . Moyses fastyd also
And spake wt goddes mouthe be mouthe . ar~ he my3t yethynn go
And be-gan ye old la3e . to fast mony a man
And crist fastyd also it . & ye new la3e he gan
Bot he be-gan his fastyng sone . after ye twelfed day
Quen he was Baptiste be-bgan . yis la3e as yes clerkes say
Bot if we be-gyn afterward . as yt vs bus nede
To fast agayn yt holy tyme . yt crist on rode con blede
<fol. 85v>Yat we may sauely & in clene life . at his vp-risyng~
Resaue his flesche & his body . yt shal to blis vs bryns
Bot mony a mon yis ilke tyme . fastes no3t full ri3t
Yat<?> <ill><1-3 chars></ill>rly dais wil go to mete . & sit to hit be ny3t
Bot quo so will fast it ri3t . ouer sall he not ete
No wt dayntes to sitt ouer lang at ye mete
Ne ouer mykill for to ete . ne hym be-thynke be-for~
How he my3t best be fede . wt metes yt likand wor~
Men shuld it fast for goddes . luf & not to sparn his god gud
And for to clens his saule of synne . & not his heue blode
As yes riche men done full ofte . yt all to ese ar~ caste
Quen yai haue etynn ouer mykyll as bestes yt gonn to maste
yai gonn bolkand vp & done . wt full drer~ chere
And no3t may ete bot yair~ maw . better temed wer~
yai grone & plene yair~ stomake . for yaim bus nede ill fare
yai blaw & bolkys at yair~ mouthe . & per chaunce ellys-quar~
And yen yai fast a day or two . for hele of yair~ body
Bot nothyng for hele of yair~ saule . as ye may se sothely
A swete ihesu yi mercy . yt men wil fast so lange
For hele of ye foule caraune . yis thynke me woder strange
Bot for ye hele of ye cele saule. yt for synn shuld spyll
Full litil fastyng will yai do . & 3et agayne yair~ will