<County: Yorkshire East Riding>
<Code: L1132b>
<MS reference: Durham, Prior's Kitchen, Dean and Chapter Muniments, 2.2. Ebor. 19b>
<Text: Declaration of gifts of land>

<recto>Syr my lord os 3e knawe wel yis ˆ [es ye] ald custome yt euerilka man yt schall mak any gyft schall com into ˆ [kynges] stret or+els in-to ye court & euerilka
a woma~ yt es couerd schall com in-to court & be examynd be-for ye steward on a boke & be-fore v sworne men <1 blank line>
Ric~ of Babethorpe com in-to ye kynges strete & gaf alyson hys doghter viij akar~ of land
Thomlyn of Manthorpe com into ye kyng~ strete & gaf Jelot hys wyf landes & tenamentes
Henr~ Rudekut com in-to kyng strete & gaf dyot hys wyf landes and tenamentes
Jon Alcoke Alcoke com~ in-to ye stret & gaf hys wyf landes and tenamentes
Willam Cowyng com into ye kyng stret & gaf syssot hys wyf land & tenamentes
Tomlyn Walker~ com into ye kyng stret & gaf hys sonnys landes
John~ rase com in-to kyng stret & gaf hys doghter landys
Pers proudefote com in-to ye gate & gaf Willam Eleson half a-n+aker~ of land
Syr tomas of nowhaw com in-to ye kyg~ strete & gaf John~ pulter & hys wyf landes
Robyn of Menthorpe com in-to ye kyng steret<?> & gaf rychard hys brother land & tenament
Tomlyn pulleyn~ com in-to ye kyng stret & gaf hys sonnys landes
Wyltyn in ye wyllous And anas hys wyf com in-to court & gaf certan land to Ric~
hudson & wiliam helyson & scho examynd on a boke be-for ye steward & v sworn
men yt it was wt hys wil and noght a-gan hyr . will And also yt same ano[t]
anot blaunchard com in-to ye gat & gaf certane land to ser~ powke & annot
<following 4 lines added in blank space on right hand side of sheet>Willam proudefote com in-to ye kyg~ strete & ga<ill><..></ill> syssot hys doghter . v . akars of land
Tomlyn bond com into ye kyg~ stret<a smear over last two letters> &
Jsabell hys doghter land & tenament
<verso>dykon doghter & in als mykyl os scho com noght to court & was nogh examynd on a boke ye gyft <ill><....></ill> vode
& yan com adel blaunchard & wan ye land
Also annot watkynson & hyr hosband com into court a gaft tyl syr Jon watkynson a parcyll of hyr <ill><....><ill>
<ill><....></ill> a douf<ill><...></ill>cot on & scho examynd on a boke At it was hyr wyll & nogh a-gan hyr <ill><....></ill>
Bot now for new custome es yis yt a man schall gyf lygand on hys bed als w<ill><..></ill> a bast<ill><3-4 words></ill>
Willam Wybet & Alis walkar~ & John~ chambyrlan & syr John~ Douson & Willam Esyng<ill><....></ill>
gaft vp yer custome <ill><.....></ill> & yer tenament to ye new custome agan ye ald custome<?>
& John~ Banster~ gaf vp hys landes & hys tenament a-gayn ye ald custome
Ric~ of Menthorpe gaf vp hys land & tenament a-gayn ye ald custome