<County: Isle of Man>
<Code: L0050>
<MS reference: Isle of Man, Manx National Heritage Library 09862 (The Garrison Roll)>
<Text: Inquest>

<Tranche 1>

<EUL Shelfmark Phot 969F #7, end of the front side of the scroll>Thes arne the Poyntes that the leutenant charges the grete enquest to enquer~ of
That is to say of ye salt of bretayigne ship how hit was boght & to whos vse The enquest sais yat my lord was servet of als+mych
as was boght to his vse & yat his Counsell thoght resonable
Also yat 3e enquere of whete & malt goyng to ye Milne & fro both at ye Castell & ye Pele & how hit is & in~ whos defaut yat
such lakage is The enquest sais yai knaw no lakage to ye Milne ne fro
Also yat 3e enquer~ of payment of freghtes fro ye ton@ place to ye todir of such thyng as ye Contre shuld have carret The enquest
sais yai knaw no payment fore freghtes bot yat ar dewe
Also yat 3e enquer~ whedir ye Constable of ye Pele toke in~ to ye Pele to make home sport a swyer of ye Priours of whiterne
and a Mason@ The enquest sais yai were yer-in~
As to yis poynt for als+mych as Thomas of lytherlond sumtyme Constable of ye Pele in~ Man@ toke in-to ya kynges garn<ill><rest of line></ill>
of ye pele tow scottes & made home sport as hym lyst as hit is fond by xxiiij sworne . men@ above wretyn@ yer-fore
ye said Thomas is traytour to ye kyng of Mann by the laghes of Man@
Also yat ye enquer~ whedir ye waterbailly have don@ his office n serchyng of ye havenes or not
Also yat 3e enquer~ bysyly of ye godes of ye Clerkes fore hit is supposet both in~ man@ & here yat yer is More gode takenn
of hom@ yen@ any mon@ has knawlage of save yaim~-self The enquest sayn@ yai knaw non@ bot yat at was left wt ye Abbot
wyth ye Receyuour & wyth James of Thawytes
Also yat 3e enquere of my Captaynes if yai any extorcouns han@ taken@ & to what valew & of whoo ye enqn sais yai knaw non@
Also yat 3e enquere of ij . pypes of flowre yat were taken@ out of ye vessell yat come vp at ye holme where yai be-come
& whoo hade home The enquest sais yai come in~-to ye Pele
Thes ar the appechementes made by John@ Cote Countrollour of Man~ as he will stond by be his oth & sworne by <ill><rest of the line</ill>
the leutenant of Mann Henr~ of Byrom@

Ther as ye Motehall after yat ye hay was geten@ in~ hit stode revet & raynet oppon@ ye hay more ye x weke & rotet my
lordes hay & ye tymbre both to gret harme to my lord more yen@ xl s~ ye which motehalle hade hit ben@ made in dew tyme
wt a noble cost hit wold have servet yis xx wynter wt thacche ye which has put my lord to grete cost nedeles save ye
presumptywsnes of ye Receyuur & yat he wold excuse hym@ of ye haye yat was lost in~ his defaute ye which he shuld
haue reperelt & made when he made a chaumbre to his wyff for his awn@ ese & lete my lordes werk be vndon@ The Receyuour
says hym@ ogh to make non@ ne yat yer was no such losse & yat he puttes to enquest bot ye stewart and ye steward sais
hym@ ogh to make non~ & yat he puttes to enquest The enquest says ye Receyuour <ill><1 char.></ill>e ye stewart ar not <ill><1 word></ill> for ye
tymbre was noght able
Also my lordes whyn@ stable in~ ye same wyse & 3et is yis þere to as hit is vnswaret above The enquest <ill><1 word></ill> ye
whyn hors stable not gilty
<EUL Shelfmark Phot 969F #8, beginning of the reverse side of the scroll>Also yer as ye whete & ye Malt is taken out to ye mylne in sekkes yai gon@ out as full as yai may be th<ill><rest of the line></ill>
bot yai come home <ill><c. 2 words></ill> summe by a ferlot & more dyuers tymes ye <ill><rest of the line></ill>
gronden@ yen vngronden@ ye whech has ben@ provet diuers tymes to gret harme to my lord wherfore y<ill><rest of the line></ill>
suffer to be meten@ to fro ye mylne ne 3et will not ye whech turnes my lord <ill><1 word></ill> gret hyndr<ill><rest of line></ill>
exspence . for yai geven@ in at ye wekes ende when@ home lyst by estymacon@ ye <ill><1 char.></ill>hich makes hom <ill><rest of line></ill>
be Countrollet bot as home@ lyst ye which J dragh recorde to ye bokes of howshold for yai will gyve on@ day <ill><1 word></ill>
& to-morne a-n+other & all in~ on@ weke ye whech bokes ar off recorde so yat my lord is hyndret to ye valew of
x s~ The enquest says yai . knaw no lakage to ye mylne ne fro & so not gilty
Also J moght not be suffret to Countroll ye Receyuour fore
yes causes on@ is yer as my lord ordenet hys monye
at ich receyt day to be Countrollet & selit & put in~-to his tresory by-caws yat ys new 3ere shuld not white .
ye old and yer-fore ye Receyuour excuset hym yt yer was no leutenant in defayt of my lord till he hade taken@
vp & mad to take vp both siluer & allowance till he hade what his lyst the which was in~ hynderyng of my lord
& breke of his ordenance so yat my lord is harmet xl s~ The receyuour says yat at is vn-countrollet is
long oppon@ ye Countrollour & yat he puttes to enquest The enquest sais in yis ple ye Countroll is gilty
Also a-n+other is yis yat he wold not yat he were prevy to his empcouns yat he myght by diuers thynges & <ill><rest of line; torn></ill>
& who yat hym lyst & what price as hym lyst and asshe a-lowance of my lord what hym@ lyst & no mo<ill><rest of the line; torn></ill>
bot ye partes & hym-self in~ ye saidt of my lord as hyt semes plenly & elles he wold have suffret me to Countroll
hym in~ yow parcels as will as in~ other yat were open@ as alawance & othe The receyuour sais yt noght in~ his defawt
& yat he puttes to enquest the enquest sais in~ yis ple ye Countrollour is gilty
Also of reparacouns & werkmen@ hyres J moght not be prive by-cause J shuld not wete wat J [he] payet homme ne how mony days
& yus is my lord dissayvet by the Receyuour sotelte & now wold putt hit oppon@ me whenn in lordes gode wastit &
spendit yat J wold not Countroll hym@ the whech god wot J did all yt J myght be suffret to ˆ [do] for ye which after
ye tyme yat my lord hade send me charge by his worshipfull letres the whech ar of recorde how J shuld
Countroll & in~ what wyse seyng yat J myght not be suffret J went to my lord to complayn me & yis J put to
my lord & here my lordes letres to shewe the which is harme to my lord C s~ The Receyuour says at yat he
myght gete tymbre to he made & ye todir noght in~ his defawt & yat he puttes to enquest ye enquest sais
ye Receyuour in~ yis ple is not gilty & what so is vn-Countrollet is in~ defaut of ye Countroll
Also yer as my lord send awre Fasakerley & Rog~ of aghton@ & othe to have ye save-gard of his places & for gode rewle
& gode gouernance & to be wyth-in~ his places first when@ yai were commen@ home thoght ye gouernance not gode & dalt
wyth me faire & godelely & ye forsaid Rog~ counselt me to go to my lord & complayn@ me to hym~ yt J moght not
do hym@ service in~ yat wyse yat he wold yat hit were don@ and yen@ after yat ye Receyuour & Fasakerley & Rog~ <ill><rest of line></ill>
Aghton@ fell of on@ affynyte & J come agayn yai were so knyt to-gedir yat me botit to do no thyng to my lord y<ill><rest of line></ill>
J shuld do to do hym service thurgh ye whicch confetheresye my lordes gode is wastit by home & hor mayntenance for
yer as my lord send awre all men@ to have ben@ his awn men@ & to have don@ hym@ service yer was bot droghyng
of affytes & lyueres gen@ yer was no more bot whos mon@ ard yu my meyster Fasakerley my meyster hoggekyn@ &
who sere were of ye Receyuour affynyte & hors ferd will & hade hor will and all other hade noght bot anger & soro
& so ferferth yat moronyng erly or late hor meny most be leten@ forth at ye 3ates o-swyflyng into ye Contre abowt
hore brybes & hor wherels yt yai send home fore & no meltyme waytit to wt home bot what tyme euer yai come byfore
tyme of non@ or after non@ hor vitaill shuld be redy so ferforth yat yer were iij <ill><2 chars></ill>tillers yt on@ myght be redy
to home & hor dogges & hor hawkes & hor ferettes fedde wyth ye best brede & flesshe yat was in~ ye places & for <ill><rest of line></ill>
ye Kychyne page of ye Castell complaynet before me enes yt yai breke vp ye lardar dorre of ye Castell for fless<ill><1-2 chars; torn></ill>
to yair hawkes and J said & yai ferd so wt ye dors & J were steward yai sh<ill><3-4 chars difficult to interpret></ill>e go seche hawkesmete home-sel<ill><1-2 chars; torn></ill>
& yerfore ye Receyuour said heghly in~ the Chapell wtin~ ye Castell be-fore all men@ yt hit shuld be no
thyng after me for he was a . bawre above me & yai shuld have in~-nogh yat yai wold & he wold have soghten@
wyth me in~ ye hall of ye Castell so yat my lord is hynderet yer by C s~ The Receyuour sais non@ such harme in
no such wyse on@ hym long & yat he puttes hym to equest ye enquest sais ye Captayns ne ye Receyuour ar not
gilty in~ yis ple

<Tranche 2>

<EUL Shelfmark Phot 969F #11>And also ye same Fasakerley to my lordes whyn@ horses on@ pylgremage so yt whynnes war not broght in~ & a-n+other
hors chasyng swyn@ all ye felles <ill><ca 9 words></ill> noght & ye whynnes vn-brght
and also of a gret debate in~ ye pele by-twen@ <ill><2 words></ill> & Steph port~ & daggers draghen@ in~ ye pele at oure
mete & all ye houshold drogh partes so yat hor wages is not able to be payet as me thynk Math sais not gilty
& yat he puttes hym to enquest of ye Garneson@
and also Math Wacchemon@ is gon@ out of ye wacch by the st<?>rryng of Fasakerle for J wold not lete hym@ bete John@ don@
coke of ye pele Math sais not gilty & <ill><1 word></ill> he puttes to enquest of ye Garneson@
And also ye same Math has made thurgh his lesynges all ye debates in~ ye pele both be-twene hulton@ & all other sythen@
& he is sworne to Fasakerley & sythen@ he has ben@ ay agaynes my lord & of all debates he is aye ye cheeff Math sais not
gilty & yat he puttes to enquest of ye garneson@
and also he made a debate wt altkar & was smethyn@ in~ ye hond wyth a dagger in~ his awn@ defaut & his be-gynnyng of
all debates Math sais not long on@ hym@ & yat he puttes to enquest of ye Garneson@
and also Fasakerley lyueraye in~ ye pele was euer servet whether he was at ye Pele or at ye Castell & broght in~-to ye holme tonn
by his servantes out of ye pele yat drogh to mych coste Fore ye lyueray was so grete
and also flesshe boght by ye Receyuour noght able & broght in~-to ye place when@ J was oute at kirkmich at ye allowance
by thes lyueret yer yat is to say John@ mc lucas & John@ abelson@
and also when@ J come home ye Receyuour gert me heng ye forsaid flesshe in~ ye kecchyn@ & in~ ye bakhows & so J did
and also after yat J come to ye Chapell in~ ye holme ton@ J told home ye forsaid flesshe stank & was noght able & ys same
Flesshe is of record by the cost of Jnglond lost wyth salt water & stormes yat is to say to ye valewe of vij li vij s~ ij d
and also as fore excessyues expence hit is no wonder for ye Owynn was broken@ & lest brede ich weke to ye valew of
xxx loves & sum weke xl loves in~ ye Receyuour defaut The Receyuour sais not in~ his defawt for ye stewart aght to
make ham@ & as to losse of bred & ale ye Receyuour sais not gilty & yat he puttes record to ye boke of howshold & ye
steward sais he puttes hym@ to enquest & ye Receyuour also The enquest says ye Receyuour aght to make ham@
also ye lede broken & lost ale wyth not out noumbre & gert brewe in~ ye ton@ & lost mych in~ ye cariage The enquest puttes
yis poynt to ye bokes of howshold
and also mych wast don@ in~ howshold for yer was no rewle kept of brede ne of ale for yai wold take a+lowe & cut hit in~
ye middes & make ye middes a trenchour a-n+ych thyk
and also as tochyng ale fore lyuerayes ich mond wold have as mych as he wold by byddyng of ye Receyuour & yat was don@
conmynly nyght & day & gif J said oght yer-to ye Receyuour wold bidde giff hom@ & yer as ye leutenant Hade an englisshe galon@
yai wold have a mansk galon@
and also Blakburne was made botiller agaynes my will & gif J bade hym@ do any thyng he wold do as he wold & no thyng
as J wold & he wold not gif me ye kee no nyght bot gif he hade a-nodir kee & a lok and when@ he gaff vp ye kee on@ ye
Trinite sonday when@ men@ shuld go to dyn3er he went to kirkmich & layd ye kee on@ ye awter by-fore ye Bysshop & said
yt J shuld have no kee of hym@ & yis was don@ when J was at kirkrist on@ ye lordes erndes Blakburne sais he was made
botiller by my lordes counsell & when@ ye steward wold not suffer hym@ to be no lenger he lyueret ye kee to ye Bysshop yat
gaff hit hym@
and allso J say yat ye sam Blakburne@ went out at ye 3ate at ye pele wyth-oute my leve or ye porters & opynt home wherfore
me thynk wrong yat succh a mond shuld passe of my lordes enquest oppon@ me ne oppon@ non@ nodir mon@ till hit were triet
whether he were able or noght to goo on@ a+quest and also he held oppon@ howshold in~ ye botery wyth hulton@ men@ nyght & day
as to ye oppynnyng of ye 3ate hit is vnswaret above as to ye howshold in~ ye botery he puttes record to ye bokes of howshold
yt hit was als will gouernet in~ hys tyme & better yen hit was awther before or after & yt was fro ye sunday in~ ye thrid weke of
lenten@ all ye Trinite sunday
and also he yat J made botiller after hym@ he myght have neuer rest in~ his bed fore havyng vp for late soperes & erly dynyers
and he myght neuer focch his clothes in~ ye ton@ bot if he laft his kee by-hynd hym@
and also Tatlok said he wold not wacch on@ Mighelmes even@ bot laft & said yat he wold stond fore ye perell hym-self
and also all ye costes yat were on@ carpenters don@ oppon@ ys ship at ye holme ye Receyuour myght have savet wt ye valew
of xij d hade he send me ye Anker & ye cavill of ye spynnas when J send hym@ wort by Mathew of Jvens yt is to
say ye harme xiij s~ iiij d The Receyuour sais hym@ aght not to melle of hit wyth-outen@ speciall charge of my lord
& sythen he hadde charge he did yat hym@ aght to do & yat he puttes to enquest The enquest sais in~ yis ple
ye Receyuour not gilty
and also yer was mony houndes broght in~-to howshold & if ye botiller stroke hom wt a whip he shuld be manest to bete
and also ye Connyng~ huntit in~ rabet tyme
and also ye wryghtes whill yai wroght in~ ye Pele yai wold have at hore dyner a galon@ of ale & a galon@ after non@ wt-out ye cours
of houshold
and also when@ hulton@ was yer & Fasakerley ye botery durre was neuer sporne ne ye kechyn@ nawther+fore hom ne fore hor men@
& be-cause of home all other were ye worre & ye more excessyue made & gif J come & ment me to ye Receyuour he
said yat my lord was halden@ to home & bad yt no vitaill shuld be sparet opponn home
and also by the gouernance of Blakburn@ als mych weke 3ourne as cost v d and yer~ <?> vs<?> condell & by gouernaunce of Blakburn@
lost ich on@
and also oure boterry stode all wynter revet yt oure bred was drownet in~ ye pypes sum~ day vj loves su@ day vij The Receyuour
sais in~ yis ple not gilty The enquest sas in~ yis ple ye Receyuour not gilty
and also hulton@ hade in~ ye weke to his lyuere vij mansk galons & vij loves of brede & ouer yt what so euer hymm lyst
and also Fasakerley onn ye same
and also willam of pull in~ ye weke vij galons of ale & vij loves
hewe of worthyngton@ a galon@ of ale & half a love & his felyship
Thomas of ye wod a quart of ale & his feleship ich nyght
and also ye wryghtes ich nyght a potell of ale & half a love & all yis was charget to delyuer by the Receyuour
and also all yes outcept willam of pull haden@ fire brennyng in~ hor chaumbre nyght & day
and also the exspence is gretter yen hit ogh to be be-cause all men@ yat broght any vitaill to ye pele yat was
boght haden@ yer mete & drynk in~ ye pele by the byddyng of ye Receyuour
and also ye botes yat was yer all 3ere for vitaill lay on@ my lordes cost & were vitailt when@ yai went to see
and also my lordes barge lay at ye pele a faurtnyght & xj shipmenn in~ hir & hade mete & drynk & were
vitailt out of ye pele when@ yai went
and also John@ of Blaystones made ye porter to opyn ye 3ates after mydnyght & let out Robert Goltsmyth & altkarre
and fore ye wacchemon@ sayd he wold tell John@ said he shuld be beten@ & when J was at ye Castell