<County: Essex>
<Code: 6090>
<MS reference: Oxford, Bodleian Library, Bodley 840>
<Text: Prose Brut>

<Tranche 1>

<fol. 2r>wherfore suster my concel is that this nyght whanne howre hosbondis
ben abedde . alle we wyth on ascut cutten here throtes and thanne we
mowe be in pees of ham . and bettere we mowe do this thyng ; vndir how
re fadres power . thanne ellis wher . and anonn alle the ladyes consentede and gran
tede vnto this conceyl . ¶ An whanne night was comyn the lordis and the
ladies wente to bedde . and anonn as here lordes were a-slepe . the cutten al
le here hosbondis throtes . and so thei slowen hem alle . ¶ Whanne that dy
the kyng here fadyr herde of this thyng . he becomte hugeliche wroth
a3ens his dowtres ; and anonn wolde hem alle haue brent . but alle the baw
nes . and lordis of syrrie conceilde nowth so for to donn swych sternes to his
howne dowtres ; but onliche schwlde voyde the lande of hem for euere
more so that thei neuere scholde come a3en~ . and so he dede . ¶ And anonn
dioclician~ that was here fadir anoun comaundede ham to gon in-to
schipp and dilyuerede to hem vitayllis for als a3er . and whenne this
was donn alle the sustren wente in-to schipp and sayle forth in-to þe see .
and betok alle here frendes to Appolyn . that was here god . ¶ And so
longe they sailede in the see til atte laste they comen and aryueden in an
yle that was al wyldernesse . ¶ And whanne dame Albyne was co
me to that land and alle hure sustres . this albyne wente first out of
the schipp . and saide to hure othir sustres . for as moche quod he . as y
am the eldeste sustir of al this . companye and first this lande haue takyn
and for as moche as my name is Albyne y wele that this lond be cal
Albyon~ . aftir myn owne name . and anon~ alle here sustres hire
grauntede wyth a good wille . ¶ Sho wente owt alle the sustres of þe
schipp . and toke the land Albyon~ as hire sustir called hit . and there thei
wente vp and down~ and found non othir mann ne womman~ ne child
but wylde bestis of diuers kyndes . ¶ And whanne here vitaill were dis
pendid and hem failede . thei fedde hem with herbes and fruites in sesoun~
of the 3er . and so thei leuedyn~ as they best myghtenn . and aftir that they
tokyn flesch of diuerse bestes . and bicomen~ wondir fatte . and so thei disi
redyn mannes companie . and mannes kynde that hem failde . and for
hete they woxen wondir corrigious of kynde . so þt thei disireden~
more mannys companye than any othir solace or myrthe . ¶ When
the deuyl that parteynede and wente by dyuerse cuntrees and no<ill><3 letters></ill>
body of the eyre and lykingges natures . schad of menn and come in-to
the lond of Albyon~ and lay be thoo wymmen~ and schadde the þo natures
<fol. 2v>vp-on hem ; and they conceyuede and aftyrward thei broutyn forth growittes
of the weche on me callede Gogmagog~ . and anothir Laugherigann . and so
thei were nemnyd by dyuerse name and in this maner thei comyn forth &
were born~ orrible gyaunnt3 in Albyon~ . and thei dwellede in caues and in
hellis . at here wylle and hadde the lond of Albyon~ as ham lykede . vnto þe
tyme that Brut aryuede and come to sotenesse þat was in the yle of Al
. and there this Brut conqueryde and stonnsitede these Gyaunt3 abo
ue-sayd . Her+endith the prolog of Albyon~ . that þo was an yle . and herknet
now how Brut was getyn . and how he slow ferst his modir and aftirward
his fadir . and how he conquerede Albyon that aftir he nempnede hit Bry
tayne aftir his howne name . that now is callid Engelond aftir the na
me of Engist of Saxoyne . <lat>Capitulo primo</lat>
JN the noble Citee of grete Troye there was a noble knyght and a+myghty
and a+man of gret power . that me callede Eneas . and whanne þe Citee
of Troye was lost and distroyed thorw hem of greek this Eneas wyth
al his mayne fledde thennes and com in-to lumbardye that tho was lord
and gouernowr of that land a+kyng that me callide Latyn~ And anothir
kyng tho was that men callede Tutocelyn þat strongliche werrede vp
on this kyng~ Latyn . that of tymes dede hym moche sorwe and harme .
¶ And whanne this Latynn herde that Eneas was come . he vndirfong~
hym wyth mochil honowr . and hym wythelde . for as muche as he had
herde of hym and wyste wel that he was a noble knyght and a worþy
of body and of his dedis . ¶ This Eneas hylp kyng Latyn~ in his werr~
and shortly for to telle so wel and so worthily he dede . that he slow
Turocelyn~ and discounfitede and al his peple . ¶ And whanne al this
was don~ . kyng Latyn~ 3af al that land . that was Turocelynes and
3af hit to Eneas in mariage wyth Lauiane his dowtyr the moste fair
creature that eny mann wiste . and so they loueden~ to-gedere in io3e and
myrthe al here lyues tyme . ¶ Hyt befel thus þat Eneas deide as god
wolde . and whanne that he was dede Asquanius his sone that come
wyth hym fram Troye vndirfeng~ the land . and hulde hit al his lyue
tyme . ¶ And aftir he weddede a wyf . and vp-on here he be-gatt a
sone that me callede Sylueyn~ . And this Sylueyn whanne he cowde
sum resoun~ of man vnwytyng~ . his fadir . and a3ens his wille . aqueyn
tede with a damysele that was cosyn to Lauiane that was kyng~
Latynes doughter . the quene that was Eneas wyf . and brougthe the

<Tranche 2>

<fol. 83r>3et Merlyn~ ˆ [seide] that ther~ schulde come A+peple out of the north west durynge
the regne of the forsaide Dragoun~ þat schulde be ladde by an helle
þat schulde þe Dragoun~ croune kyng þat aftirwarde
schulde flee ouir the see for drede of Dragoun~ withoute comynge a3en
And that was prouede bi sire Johnn Baillol that kyng Edwarde made
forto ben kyng of Scotland . that falsliche aros ˆ [a3ens] hym ; and aftir he fledde
in-to his owne landes of Fraunce and neueuere come a3en in-to Scot
lande for drede of kyng Edwarde . ¶ And seide Merlyn þat þe peple
þat schulde lede the forsaide grehounde schulde ben faderles vnto
a certeyne tyme . and he saide soth for the peple of Scotlande gret
liche were disseside sithe þat sere Johnn Baillol here kyng fley fro
Scotlande . ¶ And saide Merlyn þat the sunne schulde be-come in
his tyme as reed as any bloode . in to-kenynge of gret mortalite of deþ
of peple ; and that was wel knowen . whanne the scottes were slayn~
¶ And sithe seide merlyn þat thilk Dragoun~ schulde norsche a fox .
þat schulde mene grete werre a3ens hym that schulde . in his tyme
nought ben endid / And ˆ [þat] semede wel be Robert the Brus . that kyng
Edwarde norschede in his chambre / that sethe ˆ [he] scale away . and
menede grete werre a3ens hym . wich were was nought endid
in his tyme ¶ And aftirward Merlyn tolde þat this Dragoun~ schul
de ben holde the beste body of the worlde ; and he saide soth . for
the goode kyng Edwarde . was the worthieste knyght of all the
worlde in his tyme . ¶ And ˆ [3et] saide Merlyn þat the Dragoun~ schulde
deye in the marche of a-nother lande . and that his lande schulde
belonge wyth-oute any gode kepere . and that men schulde wepe
for his deth fram the yle of schepeye vnto the yle of Marcelle
wherefore allas schulde be here comune songe amonge peple fader
in the lande wastede . and that prophecie was knowe ouer all ful wel .
For the goode kyng Edwarde deyde att Burgh vp Sandes . þat is vp
on the marche of Scotlande . wherfore the englissche men were gretli
che descunfitede and vngouernede in Northumberland . For encheson~
that kyng Edwardis sone sette be þe scottes no+fors for the reaute
of Peres of Sanastonn . werefore Allas was the songe thorughoute
all Engelonde for defawte of a goode warde . fram the Jle of schipeþe vn
to the . jle . of Marcille . þe peple made moche sorwe for goode kyng
Edwardis deth . for they . wende þat the goode kyng Edwarde schulde
<fol. 83v>schulde haue gonn in-to the holy londe for that was holiche his
purpos . vppon hoos sowle god of blis haue mercy ¶ Off kyng
Edward þat was kyng Edwardes . ye .
ANd aftir this kyng Edwarde regnede Edwarde his sone
that was ybore in Carnarifan~ and þis Edwarde wente in
to Fraunce . and spousede Jsabel the kynges dowghter of Fraunce
þe xxv . day of Januer . att þe chirche of oure lady att Boloyne . in
the 3er of oure lord . Ml . CCC . vij . ¶ And the . xx . day of Feuerer the
nexte 3er that come aftir he was crounede solempliche att West
mynstre of the erchebisschop Robert of Wynchelsee of caunterbery
and there was so gret prece of peple that sere John Bakwelle was
dede and mordred . ¶ And anon as the goode kyng Edwarde .
was dede . sere . Edward his sone kyng of Engelonde sente after
Peres of Ganaston~ in-to Gascoigne and so moche louede hym
þat he callede hym his broþer . and anon aftir he 3aif hym the lord .
schipe of Walyng-forde / and hit was nought longe aftir þat he
ne 3aif hym the erldom of Cornewaile a3ens alle the lordes wil
le of the reaume . ¶ And tho broughte he sere Walter of Langeton
bisschop of chestre in-to prisoun in-to þe tour~ of Londone . wyth . ij .
knaues a-lone hym to serue . for enchesoun~ the kyng was wroth
with hym for cause þat sere Walter made complaynt vppon hym to
his fadir wherefore he was putte in-to prisoun~ in the tyme of
Troilbastoun~ . ¶ And the forsaide Pieres of Ganastoun~ made so
grete maistries . þat he wente in-to the kyngis tresone in the Abbay
of Westmynstr~ . and nome the table of goolde wiþ þe crestlis of ye
same and manye oþere riche gewelis þat sum tyme were the no
ble kyng Arthur and toke ham to Amarchaunt þat me callede Ay
merþ of ffristonibande . for he schulde bere hem ouir the see into
Gascoygne . and thei come neuere a3en aftir . wherfore hit was a gret
loste into this lande . ¶ And whanne þis Pieres was so richely
avauncede . he become so proude . and so stoute wher~-of alle the
grete lordes of the reaume hadde hym in despite . for his grete be
rynge . wherfore sere Henry the Lacy erl of Nichole . and sere . Guy .
erl of Warwik the wiche goode lordes . the goode kyng Edward
chargede þat Peres of Ganaston schulde nought come in-to Enge
londe for to brynge his sone in-to ryot . ¶ And alle the lordes of Enge
<fol. 84r>londe assemblede att a certeyn day att the freris prechoures att London~
and speken of dissonour that the kyng dede to his reame and to
his croune and so they assen<ill><3-4 letters></ill> alle bothe erlis and barounes &
comunes þat þe forsaide Piers of Ganaston~ schulde ben exilde