Work Permit & Visa

Please follow UiS's instructions and recommendations ahead of your move. We look forward to see you at the University of Stavanger.


Nordic nationals, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic or Finnish citizen, may stay and work in Norway indefinitely without a work permit. However, staying in Norway more than 6 months requires ID registration at (tax authorities), no later than eight days after your arrival in Norway. Bring a housing contract for at least 6 months, passport and Contract of Employment.




  • All visitors must be supported by a written invitation by your host unit at University of Stavanger.
  • People from EU/EEA do not need a visitor's visa. You will find further information regarding this on UDI's (The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration) webpage. 
  • Foreign nationals staying in Norway for less than 3 months without formal employment by a Norwegian employer are considered tourists and must have their own travel insurance.
  • EU/EEA nationals should bring their European Health Insurance Card.
  • As a rule, anyone who receives a salary from a Norwegian institution is taxable on the same basis as Norwegian citizens and must acquire electronic tax deduction. Further information,, or Payment and salary.


Permits for EU/EEA nationals

  • If you are an EU/EEA national and your intended stay in Norway is more than 90 days, you need to register with Norwegian authorities.
  • See section Work Permit & Visa.

Permits for non-EU/EEA nationals employed by UiS

  • If you are a non-EU/EEA national formally employed by UiS and your intended stay in Norway is more than 90 days, you need a residence permit. See section Work Permit & Visa.

Permits for non-EU/EEA nationals not employed by UiS

  • If you are a non-EU/EEA national not formally employed by UiS and your intended stay in Norway is more than 90 days, you need a residence permit. Registration must be done online and a subsequent personal meeting with the immigration authorities upon arrival to finalise the registration is required. Please note that you, as a rule, are not allowed to start working in Norway before the residence permit has been granted. Therefore, you must apply for a residence permit well in advance of your planned arrival in Norway.
  • To start the registration process, follow the instructions on webpage Want to apply to visit or live in Norway ( of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI):
  1. On the initial webpage Want to apply (, enter the country of your citizenship and press the Choose button.
  2. Next, choose the Work immigration track, then the Vocational training and research track and, finally, the Researcher with own funds track.
  3. Study the displayed information carefully, then press the button How to apply.
  4. Firstly, you will be asked if you would like for the employer to apply on behalf of you. Choose No, unless if not otherwise agreed upon with EMC.
  5. Next, you are asked if you are already in Norway and wish to hand in the application here. Choose No, wish to apply from abroad and enter the country in which you are legally residing. Note: Only under very special circumstances non-EU/EEA nationals may apply for a residence permit from Norway. If for some reason you feel you need to apply from Norway, contact EMC for advice.
  6. Print out the Checklist for researchers with own funds and press the button Go to the application form.
  7. This will take you to the UDI application portal. Create a user if you do not already have one. Tick the disclaimer and press the button Go to application form.
  8. In the Where are you submitting the application section, choose the country in which you are legally residing or the alternative agreed with EMC.
  9. Make a note of where you must submit the documents.
  10. Fill in the personal information.
  11. In the Contact information section you are asked to indicate your planned address in Norway. If this is not yet clarified, use the address of your UiS department/center.
  12. The next steps should be straight forward until you come to the Information about your work section. Here you are asked to provide the organization number of UiS; this is 971 564 679.
  13. On how long you would like your residence permit to be valid for you enter the length of the research stay agreed upon with the university stated in the invitation letter.
  14. Check the information, tick the boxes, pay the application fee and follow the instructions on how to book an appointment for submitting the documents. Make sure to bring all the documents required in the checklist to this appointment.
  15. Depending on your nationality, you might need a visa to enter Norway. This visa will be issued automatically when the residence permit has been granted.
  16. As soon as you have submitted the documents, you proceed to the next step by following the instructions under On arrival, registration with Norwegian authorities. As part of this procedure you schedule a new appointment for to obtain the residence card. Schedule the appointment well in advance of moving to Norway and choose one of the first available timeslots after your planned arrival in Stavanger. Schedule the appointment at the Service Center for Foreign Workers  (SUA) in Stavanger.