Rights and responsibilities

As an employee at the University of Stavanger there are certain rights and responsibilities that you should be aware of. The most important ones are briefly described here. Further information about these is available by contacting the HR unit in your department.

Trial period
In general all new employees are hired for a trial period of six months. During this period a mutual agreement of a three weeks' notice applies. During the trial period it is the duty of the superior officer to advise, supervise and evaluate the work done by the appointees.

Standard working hours
The working hours for all employees are 37,5 hours per week, which include a 20 min. lunch break. Employees in technical and administrative positions, except maintenance and cleaning staff, have flexible working hours.

Flexible working hours mean that employees can organize their time within the standard working hours of 37,5 hours per week. Required presence at the workplace is between 09:00-14:30.

Salaries and advance payment
Monthly salary is paid on the 12th each month. In special cases employees may be paid up to two months' salaries in advance.

Employees have the right to five weeks' holiday, i.e. 25 workdays. Employees over 60 have the right to an extra vacation week. The employer decides when vacation can be taken, but the employee's wishes in this respect will be given due consideration.

Extra days off for employees above 62
Employees above 62 years may apply for up to ten days off per year. Employees in part-time jobs are given corresponding time off. A written agreement to this effect is made between employee and superior officer.

Membership in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund
As an employee of the university you automatically become a member of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (SPK) if you work at least 14 hours per week. As a member you pay a premium of two per cent of your basic salary.

Home loans
Tenured members of the Public Service Pension Fund and temporary employed members for at least one year and working a minimum of 14 hours per week, and retired employees may apply for loans for purchase, construction, or refurbishment of home, as well as administration of estate or refinancing. See SPK's web site

Membership in housing associations
UiS has some membership certificates in Stavanger housing association, OBOS and Sandnes housing association (information in Norwegian), that may be transferred to tenured employees who want to purchase an apartment in a housing development. Contact the Personnel Division for further information.

Life insurance
State employees are covered by a life insurance scheme. This means payment of benefits in case of death during or outside working hours. Further information about the Public Service Pension Fund (SPK) can be found on

Travel insurance and indemnities
In addition to life insurance and insurance to cover injuries or illness related to work, there are a number of special agreements that contain provisions for insurance or indemnities while traveling for the institution. As insurance provider the government delivers insurance against damage and loss of baggage and against accidents on business travels.

When the journey is paid by credit card, the cardholder is also covered by travel insurance. UiS has adopted credit cards as means of payment for travel expenses. Employees who travel at least 24 hours each year get the annual credit card fee covered.  

Sick leave
The University is an inclusive employment institution and works actively to reduce absence due to illness through prevention and follow-up.

Absence due to illness must be reported to the immediate superior officer as soon as possible together with information about possible length of absence. Absence from one to eight calendar days is registered by the employee and in the . If the absence is more than eight days (including weekends) a medical/doctor´s certificate must be handed to the immediate superior. To make use of the arrangement for reporting one's own illness you must have been employed for at least two months.

Special procedures for HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) have been drawn up, see pt. 6.3.5 "Follow-up of health problems and illness" (information in Norwegian). These procedures are meant to contribute to promoting health and to the prevention of illness, and to provide assistance to employees who are exposed to risk or who may develop health problems. 

Deadlines for resignation or dismissal
- during the trial period: three weeks
- if the time of service is one year or less: one month
- if the time of service is a year or more: three months

Data safety
Employees and students at the university will be registered as users of the data system and given a username and a password. It is the users' responsibility to protect username and password in order to avoid unauthorized use. As user of the IT systems at the university it is important to know the  (information in Norwegian).