Åpen forelesning om selvregulering hos barn: "The Importance of Self-Regulation for Short- and Long-Term Success"

Professor Megan McClelland fra Oregon State University, USA, holder gjesteforelesningen "The Importance of Self-Regulation for Short- and Long-Term Success". Hun vil blant annet presentere viktig forskning knyttet til tiltak for å styrke selvregulering hos barn. Megan McClelland er professor II i Agderprosjektet, og gjesteprofessor ved Læringsmiljøsenteret denne våren.

This presentation will discuss the importance of children’s self-regulation for success throughout childhood and into adulthood. It will describe what self-regulation is and how it can protect children who are struggling in other areas. Recent work on developing practical measures of self-regulation will be described. Finally, the talk will focus on interventions that have been found to strengthen children’s self-regulation and early school success.

The lecture will be filmed and published on Læringsmiljø

About Megan McClelland

Megan McClelland is the Katherine E. Smith Professor of Healthy Children and Families in Human Development and Family Sciences at Oregon State University. She serves as Director of the Healthy Development in Early Childhood Research Core at the Hallie Ford Center for Healthy Children and Families. Her research focuses on optimizing children's development, especially as it relates to children’s self-regulation and school readiness including links between self-regulation and academic achievement from early childhood to adulthood, recent advances in measuring self-regulation, and intervention efforts to improve these skills in young children. She is currently conducting a federally-funded project to develop measures of self-regulation, and a large intervention trial to improve school readiness in young children.

McClelland is Adjunct Professor (Professor II) in the Agder project.

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Megan McClelland er professor ved Oregon State University og professor II i Agderprosjektet. Denne våren er hun gjesteprofessor ved Læringsmiljøsenteret.

Åpen forelesning med professor Megan McClelland om selvregulering hos barn: "The Importance of Self-Regulation for Short- and Long-Term Success"