«Black Swans» workshop on risk management

The "Black Swans" project hereby invites you to join our workshop in Stavanger, 20 February 2014. This event brings together leading experts in risk assessment for cutting-edge discussions on safety and security issues vital to the oil and gas industry.

Some of the issues that will be discussed are:

• How important is it to improve our hazard/threat identification methods?

• What type of improvements can be made?

• Can the use of alternative uncertainty representations add something to the analysis?

• Can signals and warnings be used to improve our assessment?

• Can red-team approaches be used? Scenario analyses? How?

• To what extent are robustness and resilience the answer to meet black swans?

• What does Taleb's antifragile concept add to this?

• Does risk assessment have a role to play at all in cases of deep uncertainties?

• Can we draw insights from other areas, like High Reliability Organisations (HROs), with its five characteristics: preoccupation with failure, reluctance to simplify, sensitivity to operations, commitment to resilience and deference to expertise?

Download programme (pdf, 98 kb)

The workshop is free of charge but requires binding registration (deadline 10 February).

Any questions about the workshop can be directed to