European Hospitality Forum: «Long-Term Tourism Challenges and Prospects»

The 2015 European Hospitality Forum is held at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management.

The forum is open for the business community, students, researchers and the media.

The theme is long-term tourism. Being a tourist has become a life style for many people, and in some cases tourism intersects with migration. It is claimed that the tourist is a prototype for modern people:

* Is long-term tourism a growing trend?

* Do long-term tourists have other requirements than short-term visitors?

The experts are:

Jens Kr. Steen Jacobsen
Norwegian Institute of Transport Economics
University of Stavanger, Norway

Antonio Miguel Nogués Pedregal
Associate Professor
University of Elche, Spain

Cecilie Kopperud
Group Travel Department
Escape Travels, Norway

Leif Selstad
University of Stavanger NHS, Norway