Foredrag: Hvorfor er ikke universet tomt?

Førsteamanuensis Anders Tranberg holder torsdagsforedrag i naturvitenskap. Foredraget er på engelsk og har tittelen "The matter/antimatter asymmetry in the Universe: Why is the Universe not empty?".

Omtale av foredraget:

From fundamental physics, we know that for each particle species (electrons, quarks, etc.) there exists an anti-particle with the same physical characteristic, but opposite charge. From a theoretical point of view, particles and anti-particles should appear on equal footing, and in equal numbers. This has been confirmed by collider experiments, yet  in our Universe as we observe it there is a net overabundance of particles, at the level of one in a billion.

We now know that this asymmetry was created within the first minute afterthe Big Bang, putting the associated process of Baryogenesis firmly in the realm of high-energy elementary particle physics. It involves quantum fields at high temperatures and density, in and out of thermal equilibrium, and may be intimately connected to the physics of the Higgs bosons.

I will review our current understanding of the matter/antimatter asymmetry, and describe a number of scenarios for Baryogenesis, most of  which are probably wrong.