Foredrag om indre lederskap

Åpent foredrag om indre lederskap med Anandagiri Yellanti fra One World Academy.

Foredraget er et utdrag fra Anandagiris foredrag på Harvard Leadership Conference i mars i år.

Slik presenterer Anandagiris selv foredraget: "The purpose of this talk is to understand how to become aware of conflicts we might experience within and then learn how to dissolve these conflicts by bringing total attention to them.

A transformation does not happen by waging a war with our thoughts or emotions, it is in observing our conflicting thoughts and emotions that we can learn to be better leaders, better decision makers and experience true inner-growth.

The journey begins with an awareness of where you are and not with an obsession where you are supposed to be. It is this journey we begin here, to know ourselves as a person and how to take leadership in our own lives."

Påmelding til universitetslektor ved IFU, Anne Karin Fotland, på e-post