Seminar Series in Economy and Finance

The UiS Business Shcool invites all interested to an open seminar with Christian Riis from BI on "Sequential Innovation and the Arrow effect".

You are all welcome to attend an open seminar at The UiS Business School on Thursday, Mars 14th with professor Christian Riis from BI.

Place: Ellen & Axel Lunds hus H-125
Time: 11:30 - 12:30.

Seminar title: Sequential Innovation and the Arrow effect

Numerous studies have identified systematic differences in innovation patterns between market leaders and entrants.

The paper "Sequential Innovation and the Arrow effect" by Christian Riis contributes to this literature by exploring idea screening as a possible mechanism to explain observed differences.  Firms screen research projects and carry out innovations when projects are sufficiently promising.  Screening incentives differ between market leaders and newcomers, generating asymmetric innovation quality distributions in the market. We formulate a model where we integrate idea screening into a standard sequential cumulative innovation model, and where we characterize innovation patterns as the steady innovation quality distribution.  We show that more fierce competition (lower entry barriers) increases the expected quality gap between incumbent and entrant innovations.

Key  words: Sequential innovations, innovation quality

Light refreshments.

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