Sustainability and Innovation in Chain and Independent Hotels

The 2nd European Hospitality Forum 2015 is held at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management Friday November 6.

The forum is open for the business community, students, researchers and the media.

The topic is sustainability and innovation in hotels. Hotels face new challenges today in terms of competition, but also opportunities in creating an environment friendly and people friendly offer. The symposium investigates how select hotels develop sustainable practices.

The experts are:
Maria Lougaris, Managing Director, Castelli Hotel, Agios Sostis, Laganas, Zakynthos 29092, Greece
Antonis Nikoloudakis, Manager, Eleon Grand Resort & Spa, Zakynthos, Greece
Leif Selstad, Associate Professor, Norwegian School of Hotel Management, University of Stavanger
Margrete Ytreland Vistnes,  University of Stavanger, NHS, Norway. Vistnes will introduce the topic and moderate the forum.