Three Free Plays

The drama students at UiS are setting up three famous plays by Bertholt Brecht. The entrance is free. These plays are suitable for age 14 and up. All the plays are in english.

Time schedule

Monday 3. April

12:15 The Threepenny Opera (FULLY BOOKED)
12:15 The Third Reich (FULLY BOOKED)
13:00 Mother Courage (FULLY BOOKED)
13:45 The Threepenny Opera (FULLY BOOKED)
13:45 The Third Reich (FULLY BOOKED)

Tuesday 4 . april

10:00 Mother Courage
10:45 The Threepenny Opera
11:30 The Third Reich
12:15 Mother Courage

Wednesday 5. April

08:50 The Third Reich
09:30 Mother Courage
10:10 The Threepenny Opera
12:15 Mother Courage (FULLY BOOKED)
13:00 The Threepenny Opera (FULLY BOOKED)
13:00 The Third Reich (FULLY BOOKED)
18:00 The Threepenny Opera
18:45 Mother Courage
19:30 The Third Reich

Mother Courage

A story about a strong and independent single mother and her quest to not only survive the 30 year war, but also keeping her family together.

The Threepenny Opera

About a 100 years ago in London, when Mackie The Knife, a dangerous criminal and the master of outlaws, marries the daughter of the master of beggars, he faces a big dilemma that will certainly lead to the end of his time.

The Third Reich

Fear and misery of the third reich exposes the absurdity underneath Hitlers regime. Ordinary people is led into tension of fear and distrust of eachother. Brecht wrote this play while in exile in denmark displaying how hitlers propaganda relieves the worst in us.

Plakat Three Free Plays