UiS Innovation Days 2013

The UiS has invited some of the world’s leading thinkers on innovation and regional development to its “Innovation Days” September 5th - 6th 2013.

The event will kick off with the annual ceremony for the Sparebank 1, SR-Bank Innovation Prize. Besides the delivery of the prize, the ceremony will encompass a keynote by Professor Michael Storper, who will present findings from his latest book, "Keys to the City", in which he emphasizes the importance of innovation for regional development.

This will be followed by a roundtable discussion of how to develop a future-oriented policy for innovation and regional development. The ensuing workshop will showcase current research on innovation at the UiS Business School and contributions from some of the world's leading academics in the field.

Prior to the ceremony there will be a two hour open session about Research and Commercialization, Patents and The Government's White Paper on Intellectual Property Rights by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. This session will be conducted in Norwegian only.

For more information about the Innovation Days 2013, please follow this link: