Workshop: Decarbonization roadmap for India

Both Norway and India are facing severe challenges in the transition to a sustainable energy future. Can such a transition be a renewable energy future? This workshop aims at providing critical views on future energy solutions to generate discussion and involvement of the participants.

2015 was marked by two groundbreaking events. On September 25th, United Nations General Assembly adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Paris Agreement was adopted on the 12thDecember 2015. 

It seems impossible for India to get rid of coal based power generation capacity before 2050. India with almost more than half of the population without any access to modern energy till date, is seen both as an opportunity as well as challenge in fuel choice looking ahead with rising production, consumption needs with rising absolute number of population.

Fossil fuel, nuclear are some such proven technology based solutions which are in consideration in India and huge expansion of renewable is simultaneously being stressed to be injected in grid. 

In this backdrop, it is reasonable to ask the question whether a full renewable energy future is possible and by what time line and what it would take to make such a transition?

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