Åpen forelesning med Nina Trige Andersen ved nettverk for kjønnsstudier

Re-writing labor history from the margins: Filipinas working and organizing at Copenhagen hotels 1960s-2010s.

To the extent Nordic labor history takes migration into account, the focus is often on male workers recruited for manufacturing and construction work from certain regions of the world: Turkey, Morocco, and (former) Yugoslavia during the ’guest worker’ era in the 1960s and 1970s, and in later decades from the Eastern European countries. However, migrants have for half a century been recruited for service labor in the Nordic countries, and these jobs have primarily been occupied by women from Southeast Asia, not least the Philippines.  

By tracing the lives of these women workers and the contexts in which they maneuvered, contemporary issues ranging from the specificities of au pair migration to the more abstract phenomenon of precarization of labor and migrant illegalization can be analysed and understood. Re-writing labor history from the margins – in this case from the histories and experiences of Filipinas recruited for hotel work in Copenhagen from the 1960s onwards – allow us to gain new perspectives on trade union histories and -strategies; on what counts as labor and why; on how migration regimes and capitalism work together; on how localities in various parts of the world are interconnected, and what becomes (of) history and how this process is gendered and racialized. 

The lecture is organized by Network for Gender Studies, and it is open to the public. 

Registration is not required. The room is wheelchair accessible.

Bio: Nina Trige Andersen is a journalist, historian and labor activist from Copenhagen writing and lecturing about labor, women’s work, unionizing history and -strategies, social movements and political economy in Southeast Asia and the Nordic countries, including relations between these regions of the world. She publishes regularly in newspapers, magazines and journals such as Ny Tid, Information, The Diplomat, and Arbejderhistorie, and organizes fellow freelancers in FreelanceGruppen under Dansk Journalistforbund. Her latest book is Labor Pioneers. Economy, Labor, and Migration in Filipino-Danish Relations, 1950-2015, Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2019, part of the long-term project:


Åpen forelesning med Nina Trige Andersen ved nettverk for kjønnsstudier

Boken Labor Pioneers av Nina Trige Andersen