Excel basic course

In our Excel basic course you will learn how to work with spreadsheets. You will get a basic introduction and review of the program itself. In addition, we will show you how to work with different types of data, formulas and simple analytics. We will focus on how to work effectively with calculations and data.

Excel basic course

It is an advantage to have some experience with the use of keyboard, mouse and Windows.

The course is aimed at people who use Excel as a spreadsheet tool, and who wish an introduction to the program’s basic functions.

Creating simple spreadsheet models and combine Excel with other programs.

Teaching methods
Classroom instruction with a maximum of 12 participants. One computer per participant.

Kr. 5.200, -
Includes lunch and course documentation

2 days - from 9 am to 3 pm.


  • Become familiar with the tools
  • How to use cells in a spreadsheet?
  • How to use formating
  • What are formulas and functions?
  • Effective use of mouse and keyboard
  • Creating well arranged worksheets
  • Insert or remove rows and columns
  • Using additional work sheets
  • Simplify formulas and functions
  • Absolute and relative cell references
  • How to find information by sorting and filtering
  • Represent numbers in the form of charts
  • How to customize the worksheet for printing
  • Creating a template
  • How to connect multiple spreadsheets and work sheets.
  • How to protect your spreadsheets

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