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Welcome as a student at the University in Stavanger! We hope you will like it here and find your studies to be useful. On this page you will find some basic information about the library and our facilities.

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The library has got departments at Ullandhaug, Bjergsted, Archaeological Museum and Stavanger University Hospital

At Ullandhaug we have books, journals and other information in the subjects that are taught at the three faculties at this campus. In Bjergsted you will find literature about music and dance, as well as sheet music and sound recordings. At Archaeological Museum you will find books and journals about the subject areas covered in the museum. As a student at UiS you can use all of those library departments.

Library card
Your student card is also used as library card. At the back of your student card you will find a barcode with a number underneath. This number is your patron number at the library, e.q. UIS0123456.

It is possible that the student card doesn't get activated immediately, it can take a few days before we get the necessary information into our patron index.



Automatic library machines
The library at Ullandhaug has two automatic library machines. On these you can borrow, renew and return books without having to wait at the help desk. You use your student card and follow the instructions on the screen. When you have pushed all the books you want to borrow through the machine and taken out your student card you can get a receipt if you want to.

Journals can not be borrowed at the automatic library machine. Bring material that can not be borrowed in the machines to the help desk.

Talk to the library staff if you have any questions regarding use of the automatic library machines.

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Borrowing time

Ordinary borrowing time for books and sheet music is three weeks. If no one has has made a reservation borrowing time can usually be extended. Borrowing time for CD-ROM, DVD and audiobooks is one week.

Sound recordings in Bjergsted may not be borrowed by students, but you can listen to them in the library's listening room.


Bibliotekar veileder student ved PC

Opening hours and guidance

The library at Ullandhaug is open for students all around the clock. The library in Bjergsted is open from 6 pm to 23 am. You need your student card to get access outside of staffed openng hours.

The library at Ullandhaug has a reference desk by the entrance. This is staffed from 8 pm to 6 am. The help desk in Bjergsted is staffed from 9 pm til 6 am, partially by student assistants. In the help desks you can at any time ask for guidance. We can help you find books at the shelves, search Oria, order books and articles, search databases and anything else you may need. If you want extended assistance you can book a librarian.

Oria is the library's searching system. Here you can search for books, journals, sheet music, sound recordings, DVDs, master dissertations and other media types. There are many searching possibilities, you can search for title, author, subject, ISBN etc.

In Oria you have the possibility to reserve items that are not available or order items that are not in the library's collection. You log in via Feide. When you log in with this you can see what loans are registered in your name and extend loans if there is not a waiting list.

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The books in the library at Ullandhaug are organized in accordance with the international classification system Dewey Decimal Classification (Wikipedia). You can search for books in Oria.

The library in Bjergsted use a classification system specifically made for music libraries for most of their collection

Tidsskrifthylle i biblioteket

The library subscribes to hundreds of printed and thousands of digital journals. On the shelves in the library you will only find the two or three last volumes of each journal, older volumes are in the archives. Ask the library staff if you need older journals.

Most of our journals we only have in digital form. You read and print those on a PC. Both printed and digital journals can be searched for in Oria.  You can also find journal articles by searching in the databases the library subscribes to.


There are four copying machine in the library at Ullandhaug. The copying machines upstairs is standing right next to the printers, in the corner by the stairs to the lower ground floor. The one on the lower ground floor is standing next to the toilets. Students pay for copying with Follow Me Print.

In Bjergsted there is no copying macine in the library, students may copy at a macine on the second floor.

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Computers in the library
At the library there are 34 computers. At 24 of them it is necessary to log on with username and password, six of these are on the lower ground floor. On these computers you can make printouts.

Be aware that you can't make printouts on all computers, there is no printer connection to the computers with no chair. 

The printers are right by the copying machine, in the corner by the stairs to the lower ground floor.

At the library in Bjergsted there are eight computers. On three of them you have to log on, these computers are connected to a printer.

The library has access to a large number of subject databases. This is a very important information source, a lot of the newest research is first published in articles or other publications you will find in these databases. Because of this it will be useful to get an overview of the most important bases in your field. Feel free to ask the library staff for search help. There will also be lectures in the use of databases, this will be announced on our website, at It's Learning and through your teacher.

Index of the library's databases, organized by subject.

Wireless network

There is a wireless network in the whole of the library. At the studyplaces by the windows you will find plugs.

The library arranges a series of useful lectures for students and employees. Here you will learn to use our resources efficiently. Participating in these lectures will be very useful when you are writing papers and other major works. Our lectures will be announced on our website, at It's Learning and through your teacher.

We have hade a map of the library at Ullandhaug. You can find it here. You will also get a copy of this map in the help desks.

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