LaTeX is an advanced document preparation system designed for large and complex documents.

LaTeX is a great tool if you are writing a paper containing mathematical equations and symbols. The program can also help with table of contents, references and cross references, and is suitable for extensive assignments.

One advantage with LaTeX is the built-in algorithms that ensures that the document will have consistent structure, high typographical quality and a professional look. 

We offer an introduction course to LaTex, and an advanced class.


LaTeX 1: Introduction 

Get started with LaTeX! This workshop is for people with no previous experience. Learn how to set up a document and its structure, table of contents, how to insert pictures, lists, tables, mathematical equations and cross references. We will also look at typical errors and how to avoid them. We use the online editor Overleaf to do the exercises, so make sure you register as a user and bring your computer to the workshop.  


LaTeX 2: Handling references and large documents

This workshop is for people who can handle the basics in LaTeX, who have been through the LaTeX introduction or is at a similar level, and who want to learn more about reference management and how to handle larger documents, like a thesis, using LaTeX.

We will look at how we can use reference management software like Zotero and EndNote in combination with Overleaf, and how we can separate different chapters into separate files and combine them into one file at the end.

Bring your computer.  

See our calendar of classes in English to find a class on LaTeX.