How to order and renew loans in the library catalogue

To order or renew books and other material in the library catalogue Oria, you have to log on via Feide.

For Feide log in Oria to work, the library needs to register your Norwegian personal number or employee number in the loan register. If you have not registered any of this, please contact the library. You can also contact the library if you are unable to order or renew in Oria, and we will help you.

We would like to stress that the personal number will be encrypted in Oria. It cannot be read by library staff or others after registration.

To order in Oria, do this:

If a book is not available, click "Request". If it is an article you would like to order, click "Order photocopy".

If you are not logged on, this picture will show up. By clicking the blue link you enter the ordinary Feide-login.

When you have logged on you are sent to this screen, and can click "Order". Your order is then sent to the library. You don't have to write any comments.

If you order an article, you will be sent to a page with the article's bibliographical data, and the link "Order photocopy" below. Click this link, and your order will be sent to the library.

Request documents not found in our collection

To request documents that you don't find in our collection in Oria, click "Order" at the top of the page. You have to be logged on to use this service.

When you are logged on, you will see this form. Fill in as much information as possible about the document you would like to order, and click "Request photocopy".

To renew in Oria, do this:

Click "Sign in" and log on via Feide. When you have done that, choose "My Account".

You can now choose between renewing all your loans, or some of your loans, by clicking "Renew selected" and tick the documents you want renewed.