Important change in the agreement with Kopinor!

There are important changes in the agreement with Kopinor, regarding copying and distribution of study materials.

Some of you may already be aware that there is a new agreement with Kopinor regarding the legal copying and distribution of study materials to students. This applies if you are making compendia composed of extracts from two or more books. It is very important that you are aware of these changes!

Previously, as long as you followed the rules about copying no more than 15% or one chapter of a book, you didn’t need to do anything, but now you do! Everyone that creates and uses compendia MUST go into BOLK ( to secure rights and permissions to the material. This is a legal requirement.

If you do use such compilations or compendia, you need to notify Linda Johnsen ( to get a user account. You will also be invited to a meeting with Kopinor on March 19, where you will get more information and a chance to ask questions.