Increased use of digital resources in 2013

The University library had a small decrease of visitors in 2013, but the use of digital resources is still increasing.

The University library had a little more than 234 000 visitors last year. This is a small decrease from 2012, whn we had 240 000 visitors. The number of loans is stable, it went down from 119 000 in 2012 to 116 800 last year.

The use of our digital resources is still increasing. Last year students and staff at UiS downloaded 147 500 scientific articles from our databases. This is a significant increase from 2012, when the corresponding figures were 129 500 downloads.


We hope that extended opening hours will lead to more people visiting us from the 1st of April! That being said, we must nevertheless conclude that a library's popularity and usage can no longer be judged solely on physical visits and loans alone. Our services are available at your home and office. We welcome the progress towards a more digital library, and expect this trend to continue in the years to come.

E-books are widely used by UiS. Almost 138 000 downloads of entire books or book chapters are a high number. ebrary alone accounts for 126 000 downloads. In addition, many e-books are available for free online. We have to assume that such resources are also widely used.

UiS Brage
The University's institutional archive UiS Brage had a great year in 2012. This database contains theses, dissertations and articles in full text from the staff and students at UiS. UiS Brage had 52 000 visitors last year. This is 20 000 more than in 2012.

We thank all students and staff who contributed to UiS Brage in 2013, with their research. We hope as many as possible will contribute in 2014. The library's contact person for UiS Brage is Linda Johnsen (E-mail:

The 15 most popular journals at UiS
This is the 15 journals that had most downloads at UiS in 2013:

  1. Safety Science, 2012 downloads.
  2. Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 1935 downloads.
  3. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 1197 downloads.
  4. Tourism Management, 1108 downloads.
  5. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 906 downloads.
  6. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 903 downloads.
  7. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 878 downloads.
  8. Annals of Tourism Research, 809 downloads.
  9. Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, 795 downloads.
  10. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 636 downloads.
  11. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 541 downloads.
  12. Social Science & Medicine, 541 downloads.
  13. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 500 downloads.
  14. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 462 downloads.
  15. Journal of Structural Geology, 432 downloads.
Two students in the library, seen from behind.