New library search function: Oria

Oria is the new digital entrance to the library's collections.

Oria is a communal portal to the materials found in Norwegian academic and research libraries, supplemented by a wide range of electronic materials from open sources. It replaces Bibsys ask

In addition to providing direct access to electronic materials, Oria allows you to renew loans and view your reservations. You can create lists of saved documents, share those lists via social media or send them to EndNote.

The biggest difference between Oria and Bibsys Ask is that Oria searches multiple sources, and thereby provide more hits. Oria provides direct access to full text where it is available. The large amount of hits you may get when searching makes it important to use the possibilities of limiting your search.

We emphasize that Oria is meant to be a starting point and supplement when collecting information. If you collect information for a scholarly work, we recommend that you still use the relevant databases, in addition to Oria.

If you have any questions about this, please contact the library.
There will also be courses in how to use Oria every Tuesday in September. We encourage all students and staff to participate in one of these.

Oria is a new service that is not yet completely finalized.
It is possible that it can be a bit unstable and slow at times. If this should happen, it is still possible to use Bibsys Ask.

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