Opening ceremony for the Kongsgård lounge

The University library's new collection of books from Kongsgård was officially opened on Tuesday the 8th of November.

  • Overview of the Kongsgård lounge
  • Library director Gitte Kolstrup holds a speech
    Library director Gitte Kolstrup speaks during the opening ceremony.
  • Picture of a table filled with food
  • Picture from the Kongsgård lounge
  • University librarian Kristian Solem tries out the massage chair in the Kongsgård lounge
    University librarian Kristian Solem tries out the massage chair.

In 2014 the University library received about 7,000 old books from Kongsgård, which today is a part of Stavanger Cathedral School. Many of the books are of high historical value, and has originally been a part of the school library. The oldest of them are from the 1500s.

The books now have their own area downstairs in the library at Ullandhaug. Here they form the framework of an "old library" where students can study, but also relax and browse the old books.

The official opening of the collection took place in solemn and festive shapes Tuesday 8th of November. Library director Gitte Kolstrup started with a short speech where she talked about why UiS has taken over this collection, and the road to where we are today. She was careful to thank the people who deserve thanks, there are quite a few of them.

Principal Turid Myhra from Stavanger Cathedral School cut the ribbon to mark that the collection is opened. She said that she thinks it is both a fine and natural thing that the collection is transferred from one knowledge institution to another: From old Kongsgård to the city's modern university.

She then revealed the collection's name. After an internal competition at the library, we have settled for the appropriate name Kongsgårdsalongen (Kongsgård lounge).

After the opening there was an opportunity to look around in the collection and enjoy cookies, chocolate and fruit with appropriate beverage. The visitors could also try the new massage chair. We think it will be popular!

An open area
From today and for all time to come, students and staff may use the Kongsgård lounge, to study and rest. We hope many of you will take a look and let yourselves be inspired by the atmosphere which books from ancient times create in a room.