Overdue fines when loans are returned too late

From the 14th of August, the University library introduces overdue fines on loans that are returned too late.

We do this because books will hopefully be returned faster, and the waiting time will be shorter. This way we can give all our patrons the best possible service.

Reminders from the library

You will receive a reminder from the library three days before the loan expires. If you do not return on time, the following rates apply:

1st reminder: Free
2nd reminder: 25 NOK per book
3rd reminder: 25 NOK per book.

Your will not be able to borrow if you have 250 NOK or more in fees. After the last reminder you will receive compensation claims.

Have you received an overdue fine?

If you have received an overdue fine, you can pay with Vipps. This app can be downloaded in the App Store, Google Play, or Windows Phone Store.

Instructions for payment with Vipps to the University library can be found here [PDF]. If you want an invoice, you will be charged 100 NOK in administration fee in addition to the overdue fine.

Remember to renew your loans!

To borrow from the University library is free. The loan period is usually three weeks. For magazines and DVDs, the loan period is one week.
You will find the final delivery date on the receipt you receive from the lending machine in the library, or on "My account" in Oria It is easy to renew loans in Oria, read here how to do it.

Feel free to ask us in the library if there are any questions!

Picture from the library