Redecoration in the library

There is currently some work going on in the library at Ullandhaug. This may cause some noise and disturbance, but the result will be a great number of new study places!

A librarian measures shelves in the library (Photo: Lisa Søyland)

The work that is currently taking place in the library at Ullandhaug may at times cause some noise. This can certainly be disturbing for students who are busy studying for their exam. We apologize for this, but are nevertheless pleased that the work is well underway. The result of the work will be very useful for students: A great number of new study places, on both floors! We hope this will make it easier to find seating in the library, even during busy periods. We anticipate that the study places are in place some time in the beginning of next term.

To make room for more study places we're going to take down some shelves. Because more and more materials come in digital form, we do not need as many bookshelves as before. This frees up space and the library will appear more open.

New lending machine
In addition to the new study places, we also get a new system of lending. Our new lending machine is already in use, and we encourage everyone to try this. Books can be both borrowed and returned on this machine.