Revision and improvement of the Citation Compass

The Citation Compass has been updated.

The Citation Compass is a comprehensive website that shows you how to create a correct reference list manually or with EndNote. You also get a quick introduction to source evalutation.

The Citation Compass was first launched in 2012. It is developed and operated by the libraries at UiA, UiS and HSN. The Citation Compass has gained great popularity, and is today one of the most widely used Norwegian websites on source evaluation and referencing. Last year, the Citation Compass had more than 1.1 million page views from more than 184,000 unique users. This year, there have been nearly 800,000 page views from more than 130,000 users. The reason for this success is that the Citation Compass has a simple design and is very user-friendly.

The Citation Compass sample collections on APA6th and IEEE have recently been revised. We have corrected errors to make sure the examples are correct according to the official APA and IEEE manuals.

Use the Citation Compass. It is simple, well structured and transparent!


Logo for the Citation Compass