The University library's classes are in fashion like never before!

The autumn of 2017 has so far been an active period for the University library. The number of participants in classes during the autumn semester has already doubled compared to last year.

Picture from a class in academic writing

The University library is experiencing a huge demand for its classes. This autumn, about 4000 students have participated in the library’s classesThe classes deal with how students can avoid plagiarism and evaluate sources, or they provide an introduction to academic writing, study techniques, reference management and literature search.

The University library is continuously working to provide students with . Most classes are set up in agreement with teachers. It is gratifying that teachers think the library gives students skills and competence to achieve better results in their studies.

Many teachers have contacted their respective contact librarian and agreed on classes specifically adapted to their students. Close contact and good dialogue between the library and the teachers provide better classes that are targeted towards the different student groups.

This autumn, classes in in academic writing, study techniques and how to avoid plagiarism have been very popular. . This shows that establishing the Study Lab was strategically correct and something that was needed at UiS.

Right now, the library staff work to give good classes to everyone participating, while preparing to offer further classes next term.