UiS may lose access to scientific articles

From January 2019, UiS may lose access to journals from several major academic publishers. This is primarily applicable to Elsevier, but also potentially titles from Wiley, Springer Nature and Taylor & Francis, after January 31st. This would happen in the event of a break in the ongoing negotiations about national licenses.

Access to articles in the event of a break in negotiations

We will still be able to order articles we lose access to. Contact your library if there are articles you need that you cannot access, and we will order them from our suppliers.


Norwgian universities have agreements with a number of academic publishers for access to scientific articles. Unit is negotiating with Elsevier, Wiley, Springer Nature and Taylor & Francis on behalf of Norwegian universities and university colleges with the aim of securing better financial conditions and open access. Negotiations are slow, and much suggests that not all the deals will be in place by the start of 2019.

Elsevier wants to charge for granting access while negotiations are ongoing. This is not acceptable to Unit, and we will therefore lose access to several Elsevier journals from the new year. We would like to stress that negotiations are ongoing, and this is not considered a break in the negotiations. 

The background for a potential break is the demands made in «National goals and guidelines for open access to research articles». These establish that all Norwegian scientific articles funded by public means should be openly accessible by 2024.

Publishers demand ever higher prices for their subscription packages. Norwegian institutions pay more than NOK 330 million annually for access to scientific articles. At UiS alone, we pay almost NOK 10 million, and prices keep going up.

Frequently asked questions

If you have questions about the contracts or tehnical challenges, contact your library at UiS.

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