Opening hours

Opening hours at the University Libary.

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The Ullandhaug Library 

The library is only open during staffed hours. 

Monday — Friday: 8 am — 6 pm
Saturday: 9 am — 3 pm
Sunday: Closed


The Bjergsted Library

Open from 7 am — 11 pm for students and staff with keycard.

Staffed hours:
Monday — Thursday: 9 am — 5 pm
Friday: 9 am — 3 pm



Archaeological Museum Library

Open from 06.15 to 22 for staff at AM.

Staffed hours:
Monday — Friday: 9 am — 3 pm

Unstaffed hours:
Saturday — Sunday: 11 am  — 4 pm

Stavanger University Hospital

The libraries are only open to staff at SUS. Click here to read more.
Contact us at


The Medical Library:
Open 24/7 for staff at SUS. Use SUS keycard to enter the library.

Staffed hours:
Monday — Friday: 9.30 am — 2 pm.


The Psychiatric Library:
Contact the librarian to access the library. We will logg your visit for infection tracking. The logg is deleted after two weeks.

Staffed hours:
Monday — Friday: 9.30 am — 2 pm.