Open Access periodicals that give publication points

We would like to point out that most of the journals published using the Open Access model are run in an honest and serious way.

Jeffrey Beall estimates that possibly one out of four Open Access journals are predatory, which means that 75% of all Open Access journals are serious. Journals that you can find in DOAJ will probably be among these. However, titles you find in DOAJ are not automatically high quality, and not all of them will give you publication points in Norwegian higher education.

To find quality OA journals, for publications that will give you publication points, you can do as follows:

- Go to the NSD register on publication channels. Choose “Switch to advanced search”.

- Find your scientific discipline, e.g. Technology. Select “Yes” in the field for “Open access (DOAJ)”, and for “Type” select “Journal/series”. Click “Search”.

- The search results in 309 titles, most of which are level 1 and will give publication points.

Picture from CRIStin

- You can specify your discipline further, in the dropdown menu below “Scientific discipline”. By choosing “Rock and petroleum sciences” in our example we get 8 hits. 6 of these will give publication points.

Picture from CRIStin

If you have any questions or need assistance: Please contact the library!