Frequently asked questions about BOLK

  • What is this new system? What do I have to do?

Bolk is an online system for clearing the rights to use book extracts in coursepacks (compendia). It comes out of the new agreement between Kopinor and the universities/university colleges in Norway, and ensures that authors are fairly compensated for their work.

Anytime you provide students with extracts from a book, even if you don’t intend to create a traditional coursepack, but share on It’s learning, you must secure the rights through Bolk first of all. See

  • Should I choose “File delivery” or “No file delivery”?

If you already have the files (scanned or in paper if you’re choosing a paper coursepack), you should choose “No file delivery”. If you haven’t, you can choose “File delivery” and Kopinor will provide you with a ready made pdf coursepack. If the content is not available, you can request it, but it may take some time, and in some cases, it won’t be possible for Kopinor to add it, so allow time for this.

  • How do I log in? Using Feide?

Yes, however, before you can log in for the first time, you’ll need to be registered in Bolk. Just send me an e-mail and I will take care of that.

  • I can’t find the book I’m searching for; what should I do?

If you’ve searched using the title and / or the author’s name, but you can’t find the book you’re searching for, try searching using the ISBN. If the right book is not in the system, you click on “Literature search request”. See illustration below:

Kopinor will then add the book to the database, and you will get an e-mail when it has been added. You then need to go in, search for the book again, and add the relevant pages.


  • What do I do about journal articles?

As a rule, you shouldn’t add journal articles to Bolk. The agreement always allows you to copy / scan one article from each issue of a journal, e.g. one article from Journal, vol. 7, issue 1, and one article from Journal, vol. 7, issue 2, etc.

If you want to use more than one article from any one issue, you should first check if the library subscribes to the journal. If we do, it’s better to tell the students to come to the library to get the articles. If you want to use an open access article, just link to it.

  • I’m using the same coursepack (compendium) for two different classes (one is a part time course, or an online course). Do I need to register my coursepack twice?

Yes, if the students are different, you do need to register twice. Keep in mind you should be able to re-use the compendium you’ve already made.

  • If the limit for how much I can legally copy from a book is 15 %, what should I do if I want to use more than that?

You’ll need to add the pages you want in the usual way. You will get a message telling you that a request has been sent to the rights holder, and you will need to wait for an answer.

There are three possibilities: one is that you’ll be allowed to do so at the usual price, two; you may be allowed to do so at a higher cost, or three: you may be told that you are not permitted. If so, you will need to either remove the extract, or remove some pages.


  • Do I have to register / pay twice – once for the autumn (fall) and once for the spring term?

No, if you’re now registering for the academic year 2016/2017, you only have to register it as being for the autumn/fall; it will also be valid for the spring term.

  • There is a problem with the page numbers of the book in Bolk. I am trying to add the extract I want, but it refuses to accept that the pages are valid. What should I do?

Sometimes a book is entered into Bolk with only a very few pages, and that’s why you get an error message. This is obviously a mistake, and calling the support line is the easiest way to fix this. Kopinor can fix this in a few minutes usually. You can call them yourself (23 10 74 74), of I can do it for you.

  • How can I re-use a compendium from last year? Do I have to register everything over again?

You shouldn’t need to, provided the person who registered the compendium originally chose to share it. Go to the front page and search for content as usual, but search in “Coursepacks” instead of books and journals.

  • Any other questions? Please ask!

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Kopinor support : 23 10 74 74 or e-mail

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