Publishing fund for Open Access publishing

The University of Stavanger (UiS) aims to increase the number of articles members of staff publish in open access (OA) journals. Publishing in OA journals often means that the author has to pay a so-called article processing charge. With this in mind, UiS has created a fund to support OA publishing. The fund will be managed by the university library.

If your article meets the following criteria, you can apply for funding by filling ouTHIS FORM. There is no application deadline, applications will be considered as they are received.

The following criteria apply:

1.    What does the fund cover/not cover?

   1.1 The fund covers article processing charges in OA journals which provide immediate access to the full text of the article (without embargoes).   

   1.2 Extra expenses are not covered (e.g. colour, illustrations etc.)

   1.3 Articles in journals that charge a subscription fee are not eligible, or articles in journals offer an “open choice” option.

   1.4 Articles reporting on research that was supported by external funders are not covered, except for articles from projects funded by the Research Council of Norway.

2.    Criteria for funding

   2.1    The journals must be accepted at level 1 or 2 in the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers, and registered in the Directory of Open Access Journals.

   2.2    The article must be accepted by, but not yet published in, the journal before the application can be approved.

   2.3    The full text of the article should also be uploaded in CRIStin, and eligible to be posted in UiS Brage.

   2.4    The corresponding author should be associated with the University of Stavanger, and this must be stated on the article.

3.    The maximum amount that can be awarded for a publication is 20 000 NOK.

4.    Guidelines

   4.1    The guidelines are determined by the Brage / Open Access working group and the library director.

   4.2    The guidelines may be changed without notice, but will not affect applications already sent/received.

   4.3    The decisions of the University library are final and cannot be appealed against.

The costs associated with publishing in open access journals vary a great deal. A fairly common APC is about 10 000 NOK. Some journals may have significant peer review or editorial costs and charge APCs of up to 20 000. However, there are also quality OA journals which do not charge any APCs.