Present your research!

The University library is happy to help you reach an interested audience with the results of your research.

Book presentations in the library

When you have completed a major research project with exciting results, you should aim for sharing the knowledge with as many as possible. The library can help you. For many years we have regularly held book presentations. These are mostly quite well attended. We record the presentations and post them on Youtube if the author wishes it. SiS Bok often participate by selling the book that is presented.

Contact Mona Henriksen or John David Didriksen if you have a new book that you want to present. Unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to present all new releases from UiS, so we have to make a selection. If you contact us, your book will be considered for presentation.

If you have written something other than a book, like an article or a report, you are also welcome to contact us. We can talk about how to present your work.

UiS Brage

To reach those interested in your research, it is important to make it freely available online. UiS Brage is the university's open digital archive. All research from UiS can be made available here. We encourage all staff to use this opportunity to reach out. UiS Brage has visitors from all around the world, so with this you reach further than by just having a few copies of your work in the shelves in the library.

UiS Brage is an example of open publication, called Open Access. This is highly recommended by the authorities in Norway and worldwide. In the EU, the aim is that all research should be open by 2020. This is an aim supported by the Norwegian authorities:

"In principle, the Government believes that all research that is fully or partially publicly financed should be publicly available." (Meld. St. 18, 2012-2013)

Since 2009, the The Norwegian Research Council has required that articles financed by them shall be made publically available.