This is how you find good Open Access-journals

Most Open Access journals are managed in an honest and serious way.

Jeffrey Beall estimates that maybe one of four OA-journals are Predatory journals. This means that 75 % are serious. Journals registered in DOAJ will probably be among these. However, this does not mean that all of these journals are of a great quality, or give economical benefit in the Norwegian system for higher education.

To find good OA-journals that give benefit you do like this:

*Go to NSD's overview of scientific journals, series and publisers.          

*Choose "Advanced search"


*Find your scientific discipline. Choose Yes in the field "Open Access (DOAJ" and Journal/series as type. Click Search.



*If you choose Technology as scientific field, you get 291 hits. Most of those journals are at level 1, and will give publication points.


*In the drop down menu under Scientific discipline, you may specify your scientific area. By choosing Rock and petroleum sciences you get seven hits. Six of those journals will give economic benefit.   


If you have any questions about this, or need any assistance: Contact the library!