Registration of scientific publishing

Monographies and articles in antologies are handed in to the University library, which will examine whether the criteria for being acknowledged as a scientific publication are fulfilled.

Authors of scientific monographs and articles in anthologies that yield publication points should deliver those to the University library and mark them "suggestion for scientific registration in CRIStin". If it is not possible to deliver the publication itself to the library, documentation which clearly refers to the publication must be supplied. The books are returned if that is required. The library will give feedback regarding the result of the evaluation. 

Authors register their own publications in CRIStin. If you register an article, remember to upload full text. Read here how you do that.

Prerequisites for registration:

  • One has to be the author or co-author - editor does not count
  • Institutional affiliation to UiS must be clearly presented in the publication
  • Only publications published by approved publishers with procedures for peer-reviewing should be reported. Publications in institutional series and local series do not count.
  • Only publications marked with the present publication year should be reported.
  • Only first editions yield publication points, but new articles/book sections in later editions of anthologies will be considered.
  • Translations do not yield publication points.

Publications must:

  • Present new knowledge 
  • Primarily be written for scientists.
  • Be in a form that makes the results verifiable or usable in new research.
  • Be published in a publication channel with peer-review. An overview of such channels can be found here.

The following publication types do not yield points:

  • Textbooks
  • Books addressed towards the general market
  • Common scientific books, debate books
  • Working papers and notes
  • Reference works
  • Factual prose/scientific literature that are not based on original research
  • Fictional literature

Peer-reviewed journal articles should be registered by the authors themselves in Forskdok as before. Non-fiction books, tectbooks, newspaper articles, lectures, informal essays and other publications that do not yield publication points are also registered by the authors themselves in CRIStin.

If you have any questions, please contact the University librarys' publication committee:
Terje Blåsternes (51 83 11 16)

The committee has the following members:

  • Terje Blåsternes
  • Anita Berg
  • Nina Irene Stangeland