E-books from DawsonEra

E-books we have purchased from the supplier DawsonEra can be accessed by using Oria.

Search for the title of the book you are looking for in Oria, and click on "View it". Then you will see that it says "Full text available at: DawsonERA". Click here, and you will get access to the book.

You can either choose to download the book (the symbol on the left), or read it online (the symbol to the right).

If you download the book it serves as a regular loan: You can keep the book for up to seven days. When the "loan period" goes out the book will no longer be readable, and you have to download it again to read further.

It is possible to search in the book. If you choose to read the book online, you read it on the screen. You can then copy text from the book, or print a part of it. This toolbar shows what your options are:

By clicking on Cite you export the reference directly into EndNote.

Please contact us if there should be any problems or questions regarding this.