Better searching - better writing

Get help finding literature, evaluating the quality of the information, writing papers and reference lists

Writing thesis, using sources
This course covers searching for literature, source criticism, citing, plagiarism and other important subjects when one is doing research.

Search & Write
A web-based course that teaches literature searching and writing as creative processes, and ethical demands when writing academic texts. HIB, NHH, UIB.

Why can't I just Google?
A short video which guides students in how to search for scientific literature and how to use their references properly. From La Troube University.

The Citation Compass
A course from UiA and UiT. It helps you to avoid plagiarism, and teaches you source criticism, legislation and how to use references.

PhD on Track
This website helps PhD-students to face challenges they meet in their research; from finding the right literature to publishing results. It is available for use on both PC and mobile devices.

Interactive course in information literac, help on searching for information and writing papers. NTNU

Finding Information on the Internet
Tutorial from the UC Berkeley Library that teaches you how to search the Web.

UNESCO Publication Worldwide Information Literacy resources
A collection of Information Literacy Resources from around the world, in 42 languages.